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My Media Player
RE: My Media Player
(October 8, 2008 at 9:05 am)Darwinian Wrote: Ok, Thanks for trying though Smile

The original problem was the missing dll which should be in the Windows/system32 folder. A friend of mine just had the same problem but now he's downloaded the dll he's watching a film with it Smile

Just goes to show how much testing something like this needs.
Send me the dll and it might work in Linux.Just noticed you put a link in the first post Big Grin That was what wine was moaning about after all. Big Grin
RE: My Media Player
Here it is...

[Image: cinjin_banner_border.jpg]
RE: My Media Player
Well done! You passed the wine test.

Working on Linux:

RE: My Media Player

That's my baby Big Grin
[Image: cinjin_banner_border.jpg]
RE: My Media Player
It plays music perfectly. I'm working on video.
RE: My Media Player
Hey thought I'd help out...
I ran the exe without the dll and it worked on an mp3 fine
I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium on a dual core custom box.
I'm also about to try a couple dvd rips I have right now.

Quick edit:
I tried the dvd rip I have which is an avi.
It starts up but goes into Aero Basic and the program moves partially off the screen.
Everything works fine until I try moving the window. It just freezes up then ends.
RE: My Media Player
Thanks for that Smile

This is something that I'm going to have to look into. Can't think why it's doing it.

Also, what is Aero Basic?
[Image: cinjin_banner_border.jpg]
RE: My Media Player
My bad I meant it goes into the Vista basic scheme. It flashes the screen black and the windows lose translucence everywhere.
I usually use the Windows Aero just when I'm not playing games.

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