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Ban guns?
Ban guns?
The United states has 200 million guns. The largest amount compared to population than any other industrialized nation.


And it has some of the highest gun related deaths than any other industrialized nation.



Would this mean that banning weapons is safter than allowing the public to carry them? After all, carrying a weapon is for defence, isn't it?
RE: Ban guns?
Guns should be banned. meant for self defence and yet is often used in gangs, criminals ect ect. They are being mis-used and should be banned.

A guns primary purpose is to end lives. That is what it's designed and built for. I can defend my self very well without a weapon. People use weapons to make sure they win the fight. Weapons is for cowards if they aren't brave enough to fight without them.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - Carl Sagan

Mankind's intelligence walks hand in hand with it's stupidity.

Being an atheist says nothing about your overall intelligence, it just means you don't believe in god. Atheists can be as bright as any scientist and as stupid as any creationist.

You never really know just how stupid someone is, until you've argued with them.
RE: Ban guns?
The gun lovers always like to argue that it is the "gun doesn't kill people; people kill people". The fact remains that the gun helps. They also like to argue that without a gun, people would break into their homes and shoot them with illegal guns.

I have lived in the UK for many years. We have banned handguns and knifes. This has never happened to anyone I know, nor has it ever made any news outlet. The biggest gun crime we have had in recent years were the murders in central London. In every case the victim would have not survived if they simply had a gun handy.
RE: Ban guns?
(August 26, 2008 at 6:51 pm)Tiberius Wrote: The gun lovers always like to argue that it is the "gun doesn't kill people; people kill people". The fact remains that the gun helps.

I'm sure if you walk up to someone and should "BANG" then they fall on the floor you must be a badass.
RE: Ban guns?
Eddie Izzard fan as well? Tongue
RE: Ban guns?
(August 26, 2008 at 7:09 pm)Tiberius Wrote: Eddie Izzard fan as well? Tongue

I thought you'd pick up on that.

A man dressed up as a woman doing an entire comedy sketch deserves every penny he earns.
RE: Ban guns?
Naturally Big Grin
RE: Ban guns?
(August 26, 2008 at 7:22 pm)Tiberius Wrote: Naturally Big Grin

The America vs British movies part and brits playing villians was funny.
RE: Ban guns?
RE: Ban guns?
Unfortunately, there is not a sufficient funding source to actually pay for actually implementing a 'ban'.

So, those pushing for it are 'realistically' going to be forced, if successful, into a triage arrangement to actually carry it out.

And where, do tell, can they get the most bang for the buck for their efforts to minimize as fast as possible the effects of gun violence ?

See where this is headed ?
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