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Yet Another Conversion Story~
RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
Your premise was - 'you said this and therefore believe this' ...which was incorrect. Like the question: "when did I stop beating my wife" ...there is no answer, just a point to make about the premise.
RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
No.... my premise was more like "if you believe X, then I presume that means Y?" (note the question mark and the hypothetical "if"!).

Here's what I said:
EvF Wrote:So if, fr0d0, that's a misquote - then I presume you deny it yourself?? And you somehow were not - in that quote - implying that you believe Christianity does require belief in order to be understand?

So, once again, note the hypothetical "if" and the question mark at the end.

RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
Did you actually read the correct quote?
RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
Yes, that quote of mine that I just quoted, was from the post directly preceding yours that told me I'd "got it wrong". And I don't know what you mean by that. I was inquiring.

RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
Uh? ....no, the quote you're asking about.
RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
I was inquiring about the quote that Purple Rabbit quoted, I was being hypothetical. So for you to say that what I said was "wrong" or "mistaken" doesn't make much sense to me... considering I was not making a statement - I was being hypothetical and asking a question!!

RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
Death would be easier Big Grin

You assumed the original quote wrongly. My answer pointed that out, therefore answering your question.
RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
I was being hypothetical and asked a question... I don't see how that can be "wrong".

My assumption was only based on my hypothetical which in itself was just a question anyway... so I am not sure what you are saying is "wrong".....

RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
Try asking a straight question
RE: Yet Another Conversion Story~
It was. It was just based on a hypothetical.

I was theorizing, speculating, and inquiring.


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