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Xmas shopping hour laws?
Xmas shopping hour laws?
I'd be very interested in comparing Xmas shopping laws.

Here it varies between states.

Xmas Day; Everything is closed.Hotels and petrol stations are the exceptions on all public holidays except Good Friday,when EVERYTHING is closed...

Dec 26. Boxing Day;public holiday.Everything closed.

Dec 27 The big stores open all day. (normal Sunday trading is 11Am to 5 pm)

December 28; public holiday everything closed. The laws are different in other states.. they may change here soon due to pressure from traders and the tourist board.

It pisses me off because the closures are for religious reasons. I can't buy fresh fruit or bread on those days.

BUT things have improved out of sight since I was 21:

At that time: All pubs closed at 6pm. There was NO trading of any kind on Sundays,including cinemas.
Most businesses closed at 11 am Saturday and did not open until Monday morning. Supermarkets are still not permitted to sell alcohol. Instead they own huge liquour store chains,with the store almost invariably next to the supermarket.

Oh,we have high taxes on alcohol. Some may find the catalogue linked interesting.


Does anyone here live in a dry county? How well does that work?
RE: Xmas shopping hour laws?
Christmas day most things are close. You could probably find some drug stores or convenience stores open half a day... and then of course gas stations are usually opened. We don't celebrate Boxing day so everything is open the day after christmas.

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RE: Xmas shopping hour laws?
What I want to know is why the hell the produce place is closed on xmas but movie theaters are open.

Oh, that's right. Xmas day movie sales are through the roof.
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RE: Xmas shopping hour laws?
There are lo Laws here prohibiting working on Christmas, most businesses just chose to close, bar the odd service station for travellers.
RE: Xmas shopping hour laws?
Here is S. Texas many many many years ago we had a short lived "Blue Law".

I could go buy food and nessesity items on sunday, but I couldn't get a pair of gloves to work in my garden with, or a trowel, or a garden hose, or a trash can etc. etc.

Lasted all of 3 months if I remember correctly. But don't count on that memory thing. Hell I can't even remember what I had or if I had breakfast this morning.
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