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This Should Piss Off The Fucking Mormons.
This Should Piss Off The Fucking Mormons.

Quote:Plaintiffs in suit striking down state’s same-sex marriage ban named ‘Utahns of the Year’

One can bet that the church sleazebags would have preferred the people fighting against it!
RE: This Should Piss Off The Fucking Mormons.
[Image: 46102386.jpg]
"I was thirsty for everything, but blood wasn't my style" - Live, "Voodoo Lady"
RE: This Should Piss Off The Fucking Mormons.
Did you know the Book f Mormon forbids polygamy ??

Mormon confusion and befuddlement on marital matters is rife. In a few years, if they can figure an angle for making even more filthy lucre from gay marriage, they will start claiming they invented it.
RE: This Should Piss Off The Fucking Mormons.
Heh, that's pretty funny. I always considered the LDS to be a bastard mix of Catholicism and Scientology.
I reject your reality and substitute my own!

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