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Fun Times in #atheistforums
RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
There's a link for the stats in the subject. Adrian just added it.
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
(09:20:14 AM) GodOfTheHolyBible [[email protected]] entered the room.
(09:20:25 AM) GodOfTheHolyBible: Bow down before me mortals!
(09:20:38 AM) ***SynackaonDelta launches his disbelieve attack!
(09:20:48 AM) ***GodOfTheHolyBible counters with scripture
(09:20:55 AM) ***peps continues to eat a twinkie
(09:21:14 AM) ***Shinylight uses logic attack
(09:21:14 AM) SynackaonDelta: The attack (Peps) is super effective - God is vanquished!
(09:21:26 AM) GodOfTheHolyBible: Rrrrraaaghghhhhhhh....h.h....g...g... /dies
(09:21:30 AM) GodOfTheHolyBible left the room.
RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
Quote:<Shinylight> My dick don't fit in no glory holes
<Peps> was your use of a double negative there intentional?
<Shinylight> Yeah
<Peps> oh good
RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
Adrian, here's your proof!!!

Quote:(6:30:00 PM) Shinylight: are you an atheist?
(6:30:11 PM) fr0d0: yes
(6:30:13 PM) fr0d0: oh
(6:30:18 PM) fr0d0: you didn't mean me
(6:30:18 PM) Saerules: No.
(6:30:25 PM) chicken12: their awsome fr0 :-D
(6:30:26 PM) Paul_the_Human: He didn't say 'a theist'.
(6:30:28 PM) Eilonnwy: LOL, Fr0d0, admitting you're a poe?
(6:30:29 PM) Saerules: oh wait... nor me Confused
(6:30:38 PM) chicken12: I'm a thief
(6:30:39 PM) fr0d0: haha
(6:30:40 PM) chicken12: haha
(6:30:40 PM) fr0d0: oops
(6:30:49 PM) Eilonnwy: Adrian would be super happy right now
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
Me being quick off the mark:

Quote:<lrh9> It's hawt. And to think that a lot of people don't have air conditioning. :'(
<Peps> most people have windows, open em and hope for a breeze
<Adrian_Hayter> most people have Windows, open it, and get a blue screen.
RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
Paul the Human was trying to get his name to appear a different colour when people referenced it in IRC. He then tested this by asking us to say his name. Until...

Quote:<Paul_the_Human> Enter my name once more, please.
<Adrian_Hayter> Paul_the_Human: No.
<Adrian_Hayter> Wait...fuck.
RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
Casually playing a game of hangman, Afk-chicken makes an abrupt appearance.

Quote:<DarwinBot> Word: hair*readths | Lives: 4 | Guesses: aeioutsrlymndh
<Afk-chicken> because we arn't cracking down hard enough on korea the christian thinks we are weak? that is absured!
<Shinylight> b
<DarwinBot> Congratulations Shinylight, the word was indeed "hairbreadths"!
<Afk-chicken> oh damn it, wrong window
<Adrian_Hayter> lol
<chasm> Afk-chicken: lol
<Adrian_Hayter> and in comes Afk-chicken with an angry argument
<Afk-chicken> yeah, some jackass is making stupid comment in another chat.
RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
Quote:(22:52:54) Shinylight: A Level results day tomorrow
(22:53:01) Shinylight: I'm gon' be sad :/
(23:00:23) Chicken12: I hope all goes too well
(23:00:33) Shinylight: thank you
(23:01:25) Shinylight: i wish
(23:01:31) Shinylight: i'd have to revise for that
(23:03:15) Chicken12: I hope oyu did good
(23:03:24) Shinylight: thank you
(23:17:28) Shinylight: I don't think I did my best though
(23:12:09) Shinylight: I am really worried
(23:15:50) Chicken12: don't be Shiny.... you are a really smart kid..:-D... I have confidence in you that you will do good
(23:21:01) Shinylight: masturbating will calm me down
(23:25:51) fr0d0_Chicken12_lovva: ( . )( . )
(23:25:51) fr0d0_Chicken12_lovva: ) (
(23:25:51) fr0d0_Chicken12_lovva: ( Y )
(23:38:45) fr0d0_Chicken12_lovva: has it been 20 minutes yet?
(23:39:41) Shinylight: well that was fun
(23:39:55) fr0d0_Chicken12_lovva: feel better?
(23:40:06) Shinylight: a lot better
(23:40:10) fr0d0_Chicken12_lovva: good
(23:40:43) fr0d0_Chicken12_lovva: 19 minutes Shinylight
(23:41:02) Shinylight: Well 19 minutes is okay Smile
RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
Shinylight's epic random quote:

[Image: screenshot20100822at222.png]
RE: Fun Times in #atheistforums
Eilonnwy: sweet dreams
Adrian_Hayter: they always are when you're in them
Eilonnwy: lol
Adrian_Hayter: sometimes chasm joins in
chasm: XD
Eilonnwy: that's sexy
Adrian_Hayter: and then once, for some reason, fr0d0 turned up with pancakes
Eilonnwy: lol
chasm: ...wow
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

::Blogs:: Boston Atheism Examiner - Boston Atheists Blog | :Tongueodcast:: Boston Atheists Report

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