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Final Fantasy VII remake trailer
Final Fantasy VII remake trailer

As a big fan of Final Fantasy VII.. I can't wait.  Now I just hope they do Final Fantasy VI someday.
RE: Final Fantasy VII remake trailer
So basically, all the gameplay looks as awesome as the best cutscenes from the original? I'm in.

My daughter cried a little when I told her they were remaking this. Playing through the original is one of our best Daddy/daughter moments.
RE: Final Fantasy VII remake trailer
I came.
[Image: dcep7c.jpg]
RE: Final Fantasy VII remake trailer
(December 5, 2015 at 9:04 pm)CapnAwesome Wrote: I came.

I hope you're about to tell us you saw and you conquered, or that's TMI. Tongue

(but me too)
RE: Final Fantasy VII remake trailer
Oh c'mon somebody restore my fucking eyesight! This is totally unfair! *scream of fustration*
RE: Final Fantasy VII remake trailer
i cried tears of many joy during the E3 trailer
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