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Theists and individual purpose for existence.
Theists and individual purpose for existence.
During a discussion I was having regarding my having autism my friend (who normally doesn't talk about god) mentions how it has come about through God and is relevant to my purpose for being here. I got to thinking about individual calling, that is what suits a person vs. what betters society (not god's intervention, I disregarded that). As I have autism social obligation is something of a blind spot to me.

So I'm questioning whether anything which satisfies personal desires/dreams is the equivalent, in this context, to utilizing one's abilities to the fullest.
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RE: Theists and individual purpose for existence.
I guess my signature contains just about everything on my outlook on life.
RE: Theists and individual purpose for existence.
Thanks Irh9
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RE: Theists and individual purpose for existence.
I never could understand why we feel we need a purpose. I can see why theists want to believe that all things happen for a reason. It's been helping people sleep for centuries.

But if you look to the past.....well, I think of all the people who have ever lived......to no purpose. They formed one, I suppose. We like our jobs, we live to feed family and pets........but in my mind it all means nothing.

Look at old photos, like 1800's where everyone in them is now dead. Stare at it. It's really an obvious exercise but it's really powerful, too.

Everyone in the pics meant nothing. You might see the top of Lincoln's head, but anything anyone else did? Gone. Just like all we think is important.

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