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What's your retirement look like?
What's your retirement look like?
Whether you're already there, or planning ahead... what's it look like?

I'll be a snowbird and drive an RV with a peace sign on either side. I'll follow the good weather. I'll go to casinos and meet other snowbirds, go to pothead snowbird dinners, and join every meetup I can find. That's it. I really, badly, whole heartedly want to be a snowbird when I retire. It's what I want and what I'm working hard to accomplish.

How about you?
"Hipster is what happens when young hot people do what old ladies do." -Exian
RE: What's your retirement look like?
I've adapted to the heat and try to stay out of the north.

I spend my time volunteering with a dog rescue.  I find I prefer dogs to people most of the time.
RE: What's your retirement look like?
Looks like: a walk every day with the dogs some place beautiful.  Steel cut oatmeal with fruit every morning except those rare occasions when we go out because it just makes the whole digestion better.  Reading whatever dafuq I want.  Time to futz in the garden and organize tours for my garden groups.  Available to come to the rescue when my younger brother and wife need some help with the kids because their schedules get screwed with.  Play cards with the wife everyday over every meal.  I only hope everyone who works hard gets to retire.

But travel .. sometimes.  But I'm a homebody.
RE: What's your retirement look like?
Roughly 15 years out from retirement (both of us), but the plan is: Sell the house, sell the shop, buy a houseboat and spend the rest of our lives touring NZ by river. If we live long enough to finish that - or the boat sinks - we'll adopt some Chinese orphans and train them up to be crime fighters with secret identities.

‘Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson
RE: What's your retirement look like?
Haven't thought that far ahead, but if I live that long I'll be somewhere hot
"Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the road, and then getting hit by an airplane"  - sarcasm_only

"Ironically like the nativist far-Right, which despises multiculturalism, but benefits from its ideas of difference to scapegoat the other and to promote its own white identity politics; these postmodernists, leftists, feminists and liberals also use multiculturalism, to side with the oppressor, by demanding respect and tolerance for oppression characterised as 'difference', no matter how intolerable."
- Maryam Namazie

RE: What's your retirement look like?
Well I've never had a job yet so I guess it would be kind of the same as how I currently live, lol.

I just hope that I have a wonderful girlfriend long before retirement age.
RE: What's your retirement look like?
I have a job that I don't exactly need to retire from: I like it enough that I could just continue doing it, and making money at it, from wherever I end up. So long as I've got a word processor and a quiet place, I'll always be writing smut. I guess the only thing that'll change is that, by the time I retire, we'll be far enough into the future that there'll be whole new fetishes and subgenres for me to explore. Tongue

Other than that... I'm a lazy asshole anyway, so probably that? Ideally I'd like to have the business big enough that it can self sustain without me necessarily needing to push it along, but I doubt I'd ever stop writing. I can't imagine that.
"YOU take the hard look in the mirror. You are everything that is wrong with this world. The only thing important to you, is you." - ronedee

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RE: What's your retirement look like?
Ideal retirement (at least 30 years away): Live in a nice little house, do some writing during the day, announce local sporting events on the radio at night, play pub trivia 3 nights a week, and generally chillax with like 4 kitties.
How will we know, when the morning comes, we are still human? - 2D

Don't worry, my friend.  If this be the end, then so shall it be.
RE: What's your retirement look like?
(December 21, 2016 at 9:14 am)TheRealJoeFish Wrote: Ideal retirement (at least 30 years away): Live in a nice little house, do some writing during the day, announce local sporting events on the radio at night, play pub trivia 3 nights a week, and generally chillax with like 4 kitties.

I am retired due to disability. Since 2005. With family "21 minutes up the road", I see the parents quite. A. Bit. But other than that "quality time", it's PT twice a week, so I can manage my weight as a relatively sedentary individual, and so I can stretch my quadriceps, which are a tight hot mess due to said disability. Also, SoulCollage, which helps me deal with some developmental issues that have impacted my life and how I see things. 

Also trying my best to follow soccer, tennis, and fleetingly other things at the local uni. Movies, too, if I like the trailer. I live right near a place that has lots of foreign and budget films.

NPRhead, also into jazz, indie and drone. Whichever suits my mood; music is a serious moodchanger, and I'm a moody person who needs said change quite a bit. 

No family of my own. I just don't deal well with children, and I feel like divorce happens too quickly these days, so marriage seems like a headache waiting to happen. Never had much experience with girls, anyway. 

So, nothing glamorous going on, but I hated work. So, glad to be out of that drama.
"For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." - Carl Sagan
RE: What's your retirement look like?
Retirement I don't need no stinkin Retirement
no serious I don't wanna retire (shudders)
Seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy -- myself.

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