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Jesus did not rise from the dead -- My debate opening statement.
RE: Jesus did not rise from the dead -- My debate opening statement.
(19th January 2017, 13:01)Drich Wrote: What I was suggesting was those who mocked moses about building an ark/monster boat so far away from any viable water supply, would also be the first to begg to be let in after it began to flood.

Not an unreasonable possibility.

Couple that with everything beside man with a soul surviving that bottle neck in our collective History it is not unfathomable that souless man to be among those wanting to live.

So to get this straight...

Your citation for "we all have souls... the last Souless son of a monkey man died begging to be let into the ark" is a bible passage that says nothing of the kind and on which you superimposed your assertion that everyone without a soul died begging to be let in the ark. And you don't see a problem with that? What is your reaction when I or anyone else might do the same thing, projecting our own interpretation into the bible text instead of what is actually written there?
At the age of five, Skagra decided emphatically that God did not exist.  This revelation tends to make most people in the universe who have it react in one of two ways - with relief or with despair.  Only Skagra responded to it by thinking, 'Wait a second.  That means there's a situation vacant.'
RE: Jesus did not rise from the dead -- My debate opening statement.
(19th January 2017, 11:41)Drich Wrote:
(16th January 2017, 12:34)Jehanne Wrote: I think that a better explanation is that the creation story in Genesis was based upon a Sumerian myth, derived from the Epic of Gilgamesh:


Seriously? Tablet 9 simply meanions 'The Great Flood' as does a dozen other ancient texts from completely different civilizations... Almost like all of these different cultures are describing one event.

(16th January 2017, 18:01)Khemikal Wrote: Can't have.  I'm here, I had parents.  I belong to an evolved species not descended from a rib woman.  Talk about a half assed genocide.  / shrugs

you are only have 'rib of a woman, and 1/2 monkey' sport.

(16th January 2017, 18:39)Jörmungandr Wrote: Drich, do you believe in the story of the flood?


Many civilzations report of a 'great flood.'


There was no "great flood"; such an event did not happen, any more than human beings being planted in volcanoes 50 million years ago by space aliens.  Once again, you have absolutely, positively no evidence to support any of your claims (such as a worldwide flood), or any thing else that you claim.  See the SNL video that I am going to post here very soon in the "Media" subforum (which I am going to title "Absolutely hilarious") for more details.
RE: Jesus did not rise from the dead -- My debate opening statement.
(19th January 2017, 13:01)Drich Wrote:
(19th January 2017, 12:07)Khemikal Wrote: I'd be careful with that one Drich, it allows for dating and falsification of your entire genesis story...and..as you know, no genesis, no play.

how so?
Genetic bottlenecks are observable and dateable.  So is hybridization.  The trouble with attempting to make your fairy tales sound scientific, is that success in doing so necessarily renders them falsifiable (and in this case falsified).   You ask, in a response to another below this one, "how can I know" the date of the flood...well, you supplied the how in an effort to make magic sound sciencey, that's how, so follow through on that...or accept that sounding sciencey was all that interested you.

So, tell me which of our many genetic bottlenecks fit the biblical narrative......of happening after the dawn of civilization, during a deluge, wherein one species of hominid -monkey men with souls, your claimed ancestors, survived an event by virtue f a single family..... that eradicated the other population, my well evidenced ancestors, homo ss.....or, if you prefer, the marker of hybridization between these two species...the "soul" gene, what portion of our population possess the hybridized genetics, and to what extent.

Now, we've been through all of this before...and you reel against egentics as soon as it's applied to the fairy tale, not realizing that the tinest little detail of the story -you- concocted regarding genetics can afford us an immense wealth of knowledge about it, were it even remotely accurate. You enjoy imagining that your fantasies have the credibility of scientific plausibility but refuse to actually -apply- the standards whose respect you clearly and desperately covet. Others say "oh, you don't know your shit" but that's ancillary. OFC you don't know your shit, and you don;t care....all you know and all you care to know is that you need a way to redeem this story - of making it plausible without threatening it with falsifiability. Well, that's true....but this isn't that way, you'll have to keep searching. This way tells us only that the story is dead wrong, or that -you- are dead wrong. Which do you prefer?

Is your need to feel vindicated in the stories that you tell so strong that you would throw the bible itself under the bus just to satisfy your ego?
Eat em up beat em up then switch sides.

RE: Jesus did not rise from the dead -- My debate opening statement.
Jesus rose from the dead the same way Samson "rose from the dead" after Delilah had cut off his hair. Both stories are metaphors for the return of the Israelites/Hebrews/Jews to their favorite deity. The story is meant to illustrate the 2nd Commandment in Exodus 34:14-16. Of course the Jews don't believe in Jesus but at one time in the biblical fairy tale they did.
RE: Jesus did not rise from the dead -- My debate opening statement.
Was that before or after they were shrieking for his sorry ass to be nailed up?

RE: Jesus did not rise from the dead -- My debate opening statement.
(21st January 2017, 01:19)Minimalist Wrote: Was that before or after they were shrieking for his sorry ass to be nailed up?

That was before Jesus told them that they had to become cannibals and vampires by eating his flesh and drinking his blood (John 6:53-66).

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