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Milo Yiannopoulos; the man twitter banned got a book deal. Currently #2 on Amazon.
RE: Milo Yiannopoulos; the man twitter banned got a book deal. Currently #2 on Amazon.
I haven't watched CNN for ages. As a fan of Milo's, and therefore a reader of Breitbart, you should never deign to lecture me on where I get my news. Especially if you're going to parrot your boy Trump's propaganda. You just look silly.

Him showing up immediately and saying that the “One thing we do know for sure: The Left is absolutely terrified of free speech and will do literally anything to shut it down” is what proves my point. He knows his free speech isn't being shut down. He writes for fucking Breitbart. He could post his entire speech on Instagram and reach millions. Why do you think he is scheduling speeches at UC Davis and UC Berkeley? Because he knows the students will protest and the school will cancel, as they have demonstrated an accountability to their students in the past. And in doing so, he will get national media coverage, and will immediately be able to pimp his book.

I don't claim to know the man's thoughts, but I can spot a huckster a mile away. These rioters are going to sweep in any kind of protest and undermine peaceful protests everywhere, because it works. It makes it look like a bunch of Berkeley students are starting fires and destroying property. UC Berkeley students. Poetry circles, reading under a tree, chai soy latte Berkeley students.
"There remain four irreducible objections to religious faith: that it wholly misrepresents the origins of man and the cosmos, that because of this original error it manages to combine the maximum servility with the maximum of solipsism, that it is both the result and the cause of dangerous sexual repression, and that it is ultimately grounded on wish-thinking." ~Christopher Hitchens, god is not Great

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RE: Milo Yiannopoulos; the man twitter banned got a book deal. Currently #2 on Amazon.
Yawn.. And people think liberals are the kings of hyperbole. I'll give this guy credit though. He certainly knows how to play it up to the base. Christian conservatives are so desperate to prove they aren't homophobes that they fawn all over this asshole in hopes that someone actually believes it to be true.

“Understanding is a three edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth.”
RE: Milo Yiannopoulos; the man twitter banned got a book deal. Currently #2 on Amazon.

For those of you that has no clue what's happened.

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