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God can never know more than the host
RE: God can never know more than the host

I don't care really, Iggy. It was a fucking shitty movie anyhow.
"Work quickly. And the same applies for doing albums or any project. Just work quickly. You can fix it later if you need to., Work quickly, get it in there and and you know what? Try not to fiddle. If you've got lots of things that you want to do to change it then maybe what you are trying to do is do another project. Don't keep imposing all your fresh ideas on the old work. Do it, finish it, get it done good enough - do it and then: do something else. Don't keep fiddling. I see people get lost regurgitating an album that sounds good! They might play me an album and I say "That's great! Get it out."

Five years later they've regurgitated that same album so much that it's not even the same album anymore and you wonder what went on and what process went on in their heads." - Paul Hartnoll
RE: God can never know more than the host
(16th February 2017, 20:56)mh.brewer Wrote:
(16th February 2017, 20:44)Magilla Wrote: I'd like to know how omniscient "God" is supposed to be, and can he supposedly reveal the future to humans?
In particular, does "God" have 100% foreknowledge, to 100% accuracy, in all things, and did "God" have that foreknowledge prior to creating the universe, (supposedly)?
Of course it needs a theist to answer these questions.

That's what the theists tell me. Not quite sure why it's predictions are so obtuse. Other than they are not true.

Yeah, I know mh.brewer, but to continue my avenue of thought would be off-topic, and about EoG, not Life Sciences.
Of course, when atheists reply to the questions I asked, I get answers with which I'd most likely agree.
I have sex daily, I mean dyslexia.

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