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God can never know more than the host
RE: God can never know more than the host

I don't care really, Iggy. It was a fucking shitty movie anyhow.
We do not change our minds. Our minds change us.
RE: God can never know more than the host
(16th February 2017, 20:56)mh.brewer Wrote:
(16th February 2017, 20:44)Magilla Wrote: I'd like to know how omniscient "God" is supposed to be, and can he supposedly reveal the future to humans?
In particular, does "God" have 100% foreknowledge, to 100% accuracy, in all things, and did "God" have that foreknowledge prior to creating the universe, (supposedly)?
Of course it needs a theist to answer these questions.

That's what the theists tell me. Not quite sure why it's predictions are so obtuse. Other than they are not true.

Yeah, I know mh.brewer, but to continue my avenue of thought would be off-topic, and about EoG, not Life Sciences.
Of course, when atheists reply to the questions I asked, I get answers with which I'd most likely agree.
I have sex daily, I mean dyslexia.

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