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Does Physics now have a complete description of Nature?
RE: Does Physics now have a complete description of Nature?
(10th April 2017, 03:08)henryy123 Wrote: hi
     belief or should one say the illusion that we could describe the world or at least the part of the world without any reference to ourselves this is actually possible to a large extent. we know that the city of Delhi exist  whether we it or not.


What the hell is that link for?

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RE: Does Physics now have a complete description of Nature?
QM is pointing to really freaky stuff, none of which requires plopping in magic wizards as gap answers.
RE: Does Physics now have a complete description of Nature?
well we have to keep looking down into smaller and smaller particles until we cannot find anything
but i wouldn't be surprised if there is something smaller than a tetraquark. We have good grasp of how it ties together
but as far as a complete description yet no i don't think were that close yet but were a lot better off now at finding it than 60 to 60+ years ago.
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