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Draw Muhammad (fbuh) Day - come at me bro
Draw Muhammad (fbuh) Day - come at me bro
Hey guys, I'm celebrating Draw Muhammad Day. I'm bringing it back.

If the mods say no, I won't post here. In that case I'll post a link, unless that also is not ok... in which case I'll still post it on Facebook.

My Draw Muhammad Day will feature my stick figure masterpiece: 50 shades of Muhammad (feces be upon him).

Classic renditions will include Pedo Muhammad, magic carpet ride Muhammad, and of course Muhammad the decapitator. Modern portrayals will feature:

Moohammad with milk mustache
Contemplative Muhammad
Catholic Muhammad (divine appearance on a tortilla)
dung beetle Muhammad,
Muhammad taking a Halal shit
maid Muhammad feather dusting
drunk Muhammad
tattoo parlor Muhammad
Ramadan Buffet Muhammad
Santa Claus Muhammad
Kiss Me I'm Irish Muhammad
surfer Muhammad
Super Hero Muhammad
Towel Head Muhammad (Motel 6 label showing on the towel)
Professor Muhammad
Abominable Snowman Muhammad
Alien abductee Muhammad
Gynecologist Muhammad
Netflix and chill Muhammad (Teletubby marathon for the ladies if u know what I mean)
foot fetish Muhammad
Bomb defuser Muhammad (because bombs have nothing to do with Islam!!!!)
Flight attendant Muhammad
Family Guy Muhammad
Pig wrestling Muhammad
And much more!
Jesus is like Pinocchio.  He's the bastard son of a carpenter. And a liar. And he wishes he was real.
RE: Draw Muhammad (fbuh) Day - come at me bro
I'm going with Moohamad bbq'ing ham.
"For the only way to eternal glory is a life lived in service of our Lord, FSM; Verily it is FSM who is the perfect being the name higher than all names, king of all kings and will bestow upon us all, one day, The great reclaiming"  -The Prophet Boiardi-

      Conservative trigger warning.
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