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Okay, a recap.

Known grifty charlatan announces plans to build ark themed park.  His second foray into commercial religious exploitation in this state.
Rather than fund the park himself, he creates an llc that then avails itself (by suing the state) of a 25% reimbursement from the state while openly discriminating in his hiring policies.
Not content with 25% of the cost, he then appeals to a hard hit jesusy town that really wants a bigger freeway exit (but has no reason to have one).
Said jesusy burg awards him a further 62million dollars in TIF funds...to be taken directly out of the paychecks of said employees and everyone in the county.
-Still- not content, appeals are made to private "investors" while, legally, their contributions are handled as donations to the non-pofit which gives the money to the for profit LLC.

Grifty charlatan, with all that grifted money, builds a parking garage without actually spending any of that money..on credit....where a boat was promised, on hundreds of acres of productive bottomland generously given to him by the county for the princely sum of 1$

The parking garage fails miserably, at the expense of everyone involved, willing or otherwise.......-except- said grifty charlatan...just like it did with his first foray into commercial religious exploitation a few miles away.

Why did it fail? Because atheists...apparently, and according to him (put it on our tab, along with aids, ebola, the black death, and Ken Ham himself.)

[Image: rovlta9.jpg]
It's bad for the rest of the world when americans are paid so little they can only afford chocolate mined by child slaves and clothes made in overseas sweatshops. - Robyn Pennacchia
(June 24, 2017 at 11:30 am)Minimalist Wrote: Go fuck yourself, Ham.


Quote:Creationist Ken Ham blames atheists and ‘fake news’ for failing Ark Encounter theme park

Quote:The organization behind a tax-payer subsidized “replica” of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky is blaming atheists for tax-payers getting fleeced by the project.

Creationist Ken Ham built the $92 million Ark Encounter project in Williamstown, Kentucky. The “dismal failure” of the project has backers lashing out at “intolerant atheists” for mocking the return on investment taxpayers have received.

Dear Kentucky,

Time to drag this crook into court and recover what you can.  The one thing you can't get back is your dignity!

The Real World

LOL.  Who didn't see this coming, besides Ham?

Good job everyone!  Everything went exactly as planned...

*maniacal laugh*
Nay_Sayer: “Nothing is impossible if you dream big enough, or in this case, nothing is impossible if you use a barrel of KY Jelly and a miniature horse.”

Wiser words were never spoken. 
Ham saw it coming when others convinced themselves otherwise, in point of fact, lol. He knew the park wouldn't make any money...but he also knew that he would.   Wink

-as a side note...if they had it all to do over again...I'd build them a log raft for alot less than 90million - or at least spend my relatively short life (relative to noah, ofc) trying to faithfully do so....particularly if they were willing to give me a small town worth of black walnut and farmland for a dollar.  Wouldn;t even charge admission.  People could come ridicule me for free.

Why is it that good things always happen to the wrong people...lol?
It's bad for the rest of the world when americans are paid so little they can only afford chocolate mined by child slaves and clothes made in overseas sweatshops. - Robyn Pennacchia
Not sure if this is current or accurate but I saw on a news report that approximately 38% of the U.S. were in favor of the idea of YEC. Now parse that down into what percentage of that can afford to, and would have the desire to (since even YEC's have variances) travel to that part of the country to go to something that by all indications is not much more than a very walking-intensive museum and not a theme park. Not to mention repeat business. Not to mention only one-time attendance by atheists going there to make fun or to visit ironically. What exact part of that was supposed to indicate a big return on the investment? To off-set the costs of running it which have to be fairly huge (all the cafeteria food going to waste, staff who have nothing to do, parking lot space that could be better served for other purposes but can't). I mean, what did the meeting look like?

"So, we want to compete with Universal Studios and Disneyland/World to get business. Sure, those fancy-pantses have roller coasters, other rides, numerous different types of food on offer, flashy souvenirs that involve no reading whatsoever, fireworks, people in costumes, innovative exhibits and live music performances, but there's no jeebus. THAT is what's going to give us an edge."

'Cept...they have no jeebus. Just No-Duh. And his sons Scam, Sham and Jackpot.
Religions were invented to impress and dupe illiterate, superstitious stone-age peasants. So in this modern, enlightened age of information, what's your excuse? Or are you saying with all your advantages, you were still tricked as easily as those early humans?


There is no better way to convey the least amount of information in the greatest amount of words than to try explaining your religious views.

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