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Star Trek Discovery Sucks
Star Trek Discovery Sucks
So this is my overall opinion. The acting is bad, the characters are boring, there's a lack of character development, the Klingons playing Game Of Thrones is boring, they don't humanize the war and make it feel like it's real, and there's no sense of exploration. But there are still a few fun episodes.


RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
Thanks for the review.  Glad I didn't waste my time.
RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
That's because you're not a True Christian Trekkie! Ha!

Yeah, it sucks a bit ...but not as bad as Enterprise which I refused to watch...

Discovery reminds me of the original actually. Corny and fake.
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RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
Still won't be watching it.

Or at least PAYING to watch it.
Sanity adjacent.


RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
Meh. Sucks compared to what? Other Trek? Depends on which one. Other sci-fi? Not so much.

My biggest problem with it isn't so much the quality, but that it really isn't Trek. I don't have a problem with the ship itself, and the supporting tech looking more futuristic than the original. They have to do that just to make the ship believable to a 2010's audience. I do have a problem with the amount of Trek tech they already have that wasn't available in the original series. Warp capable shuttles, holo-decks, a go-anywhere instantly drive that they're going to have to consign to utter failure to prevent a huge break in canon. And, the list just keeps getting longer. Sad
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RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
Guys, this is great ...watch...
Talk about breaking canon! I don't think Star Trek is as sacred as I thought it was! It's almost like it's just another series written to make money off advertising and syndication Dunno

They should take a leaf from religion ... That one really is sacred and doesn't ever break canon!

No God, No fear.
Know God, Know fear.
RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
I watched the first episode and just couldn't get into it.  I'm a Trek fan, but not one of those who cannot accept changes, and that wasn't a problem for me. I didn't find myself annoyed or irritated that it somehow didn't feel like Trek, it just failed to catch my interest enough to keep watching it. The characters and story just seemed...Meh.

PS, go watch The Orville!  It's a bit stupid at times, but overall very entertaining, and some episodes are pretty serious. It's much better than I expected it to be.
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RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
I've seen, somewhere, the theory that Discovery is the story of section 31. If that's the case, no canon needs breaking... Except those Klingon and the holograms.
As such, I'm sticking with it to the end.

Of course the spore drive is doomed to failure, just look at what it's going to the guy that's running it!
But maybe they'll just figure out how to use it properly and realize that it's not replicable tech, while being able to time travel, too... And that when it will really become shitty trek.

In the meantime, I'm curious to see how they connect Ent's Klingons with TOS Klingons, while going through these new things, in a few decades.
RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
I find it waaay better than any of the other trek series. I find the characters more believable. There's swearing, gay love, failure etc. It's not a ship filled with people all doing their jobs perfectly in a utopian civilisation.
RE: Star Trek Discovery Sucks
The Orville has set a high water mark for me showing Dr. Finn enjoying sexual congress with Yaphit.

(Yaphit is some kind of annoying, but sexy, amorphous blob type creature)
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