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Have you met people criticizing atheists who use the expression OMG
RE: Have you met people criticizing atheists who use the expression OMG
(March 15, 2019 at 4:59 pm)Der/die AtheistIn Wrote: This time it's not about personal experience or a case I heard about, I'm curious if any of you met people unsatisfied with atheists who say "Oh my God" from time to time.

I've heard it from time to time. I try to explain to them it is just an expression.

If they still have a problem with it, I tell them to stop using the names of the week, that are named after gods (Wednesday=Wotan, Friday=Fria, Thursday=Thor), or the months of the year, also named after gods (January=Janus, March=Mars, May=Maia, June=Juno).

They usually get a bit quiet after that.

You'd believe if you just opened your heart" is a terrible argument for religion. It's basically saying, "If you bias yourself enough, you can convince yourself that this is true." If religion were true, people wouldn't need faith to believe it -- it would be supported by good evidence.

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