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What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
Quote:On Oct. 27, the Indian government’s telecom department told internet service providers (ISPs) to ban 827 websites for hosting pornographic content.
This is at least the second attempt in recent times by India, among the most prolific consumers of porn, to shut it out. In August 2015, following a supreme court verdict, the government had unsuccessfully tried to block some 857 websites on the grounds that such content promotes sexual ssault.
This time, the high court of the northern state of Uttarakhand has reinstated the supreme court’s ban after a rape accused in the state’s capital Dehradun said he was nudged into committing the crime after watching a porn movie.


RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
I think that’s ridiculous to take such drastic measures based on the excuses of one person charged with rape. I think removing access to porn is more likely to cause more rapes due to sexual frustration, personally.
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RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
That in my opinion too is a really stupid decision .

Just because a rape happened in the rural area of a country , does not mean everyone else in the country must be denied access to porn

These people has lost the ability to think i guess

The extreme heat of those regions must be playing with their minds , making them too dull , unable to make a proper decision .


RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
@ Ashwin37

In terms of practicality, government banning might make a slight difference, for about 3 minutes.

A couple of years ago, the Australian government announced it was banning internet file sharing platforms. The work around was available the same day .It takes a non computer person about 3 minutes,.

Politicians love banning things. It gives the illusion they are actually doing something. Unfortunately fo them, politicians tend to be computer illiterates who have no idea about how the internet works.

That there is little if any connection between pornography and sex crimes has been established for perhaps 25 years.

I've studied a bit about India and read the Huff Post India quite often. The impression I get is that Indian society seems to be about a generation behind the rest of the in world in anything sexual. The word that seems to best describes the general attitude is 'puritanical, together with a stunning general ignorance. Eg is still the case that kissing is still not permitted in Indian films? Or that homosexual and trans sexual people are still treated harshly?

I apologise if I have given offence. That is not my intention. I am aware that I may be mistaken in some or all of the opinions I have just written. Please feel free to correct any mistakes I have made. Sources for any correction would be helpful.
RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
@fredd bear

Thanks for the reply

Our government has banned a lot of file sharing related sites too .

People like me have to use Proxy Servers to access most of the site .

And it is still called the largest democracy in the world .

I don't know where to begin if i start typing about India and Its politicians .
I can write a whole book about it .

Most of us knows these are all part of strange publicity stunts bought to you by really low class politicians .

You should really read book The White Tiger ,
The White Tiger is the debut novel by Indian author Aravind Adiga. It was first published in 2008 and won the 40th Man Booker Prize in the same year.

You will get a much clearer picture of the  Indian society today if you read that Book .

I think the general attitude of the people in India has something to do with the Education levels of its citizen .

[Image: 15education.jpg]

That should shed some light why many stupid decisions are made like this on a daily basis .

RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
not so fun fact: PUBG was banned in a state here and kids were arrested by the police
RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
I don’t know where I’d be without porn, tbh.
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RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
I'm reading this without my glasses and I misread LadyForCamus at first and thought she said she didn't know whether she'd have been born without porn.

It occured to me that might be a good name for a band.....Born Without Porn.
Where are we going and why am I in this hand basket?
RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
It's idiotic.

I could understand if this was a new issue which has never been studied before but that is not a case. No scientific study that I know of has shown any causal correlation between viewing porn and sexual violence.
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RE: What do you think of government banning porn sites ?
Porn sites should be banned, but only after being reviewed in detail.  I volunteer for this onerous duty.

‘Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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