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Force Awakens was a disappointing movie
RE: Force Awakens was a disappointing movie
The Force ($$$$$) don't care, folks.
RE: Force Awakens was a disappointing movie
Imagine if FA was like this

[Image: D5-GOzoa-U8-AAE-o-R.jpg]
RE: Force Awakens was a disappointing movie
(April 27, 2019 at 7:47 am)Fake Messiah Wrote: Imagine if FA was like this

[Image: D5-GOzoa-U8-AAE-o-R.jpg]

That’s what it should have been. Kudos to Mark Hamill for posting that tweet.

TFA was just a bad remake of A New Hope, with the characters being unrelatable. Finn decides to ditch the First Order after witnessing the death of a fellow Storm Trooper, who he likely grew up with then...has no problem massacring his former “brothers”. Rey has been abandoned on a desolate desert planet, grows among ruffians and criminals, yet happily makes friends with and trusts everyone she meets? Then she goes on to beat Kylo having never used a lightsaber before?

Then along comes TLJ, which throws out all of the plot points that TFA set up. Rey’s parents are nobody (despite her force vision suggesting they were important), there is no mention of the Knights of Ren, Snoke is killed off without any explanation as to who he is, The First Order is grossly incompetent (let’s fire on the empty Rebel base and not on the transport ship they’re ecaping on), the Canto Byte segment was pointless since the whole mutiny thing was easily preventible if Holdo had an ounce of leadership skills, Admiral Ackbar should have been the one to make the sacrifice, the whole weaponized hyperspace scene looked cool but breaks the universe, Luke’s character is absolutely assassinated (he saw an ounce of good left in Vader and so risked life and limb to save him, yet he sees an ounce of dark in Ben and so he contemplates murdering his nephew in his sleep?) And of course Rey is an even bigger Mary Sue, capable of beating Luke with a stick and causing weapons to magically vanish in that throne room fiasco.

Ugh there are so many more problems to point out, but I don’t want to spend all day on it. This new trilogy makes the prequels look like masterpieces. The writing is just terrible and they keep sticking in Marvel humor where there should be none. Can’t wait to see TRoS flop.

Which is terribly sad for me to say—I grew up on Star Wars and it crushes me to see this franchise fail, but Disney needs to get their shit together and not accuse the critical fans of “being afraid of big strong wimen”. If it takes the failure and financial loss of these films, so be it. I’m female, I hate this new trilogy, the female characters are NOT strong.
Formerly Loom from TTA (rip)

~Ignorance is not to be ignored.~
RE: Force Awakens was a disappointing movie
Rey was thrown in with Finn without much time to make judgment calls.

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