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Rabid Republicans in Oregon senate
Rabid Republicans in Oregon senate
So, here's the story: The Oregon state senate was on the cusp of a cap-and-invest bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Apparently, there weren't enough Republican senators to block it the traditional way, so they decided to walk out en masse to keep it from passing. And not only are they refusing to come back to work, but one is threatening state troopers who could potentially force them back to work. 

Quote:Oregon state senator Brian Boquist, a Republican from Dallas, Oregon, was responding to Democratic Governor Kate Brown's ultimatum that she would call state police to round up GOP legislators who are threatening a second walkout intended to block a greenhouse gas emissions cap-and-invest bill. Brown said she would notify state police to compel the GOP lawmakers to attend a special session at the Capitol in Salem until the Legislature's work was complete. But soon after, while speaking with local television station KGW-TV Wednesday, Boquist said the governor better send Oregon state troopers who are "bachelors" and "heavily armed."

Boquist later doubled down on the threat against state police—which he bragged was not "thinly veiled"—and said he will refuse at all costs "to be arrested as a political prisoner in Oregon, period."


I can't be the only one to think this could lead to more shit like this in the future, can I?
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RE: Rabid Republicans in Oregon senate
It's scary. Government is breaking down. At some point, both sides will need to come together and agree to disagree and move forward. Otherwise, there will be anarchy.

History is not my subject. Does anyone know if it has ever been this bad in the USA?
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RE: Rabid Republicans in Oregon senate
Besides the Civil War, well, here’s a Cracked article about crazy shit that happened in Congress, and #4 should be particularly relevant. Apparently, the Oregon State Senate found a way around the “present but not voting” ruling. Or at least they would have if they did have it, which I’m not sure they do:


This was actually a common occurrence in the U.S. congress until Thomas Brackett Reed ruled that congressmen who were in Congress but not voting actually count towards the quorum in 1890. Evidently, actually not being present instead of going and refusing to participate is a huge loophole for this principle.
Comparing the Universal Oneness of All Life to Yo Mama since 2010.

[Image: harmlesskitchen.png]

I was born with the gift of laughter and a sense the world is mad.
RE: Rabid Republicans in Oregon senate
Send in SWAT teams to arrest them. If any try to shoot, take them out.
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RE: Rabid Republicans in Oregon senate
Republicans know they're losing, so they'd rather shut down the government than let anything change. Eventually they will hopefully be forced to get weeded out so the country can function.
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10 Christ-like figures that predate Jesus. Link shortened to Chris ate Jesus for some reason...

Good video to watch, if you want to know how common the Jesus story really is.

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RE: Rabid Republicans in Oregon senate
She needs to take a page from Trump and use executive powers willy nilly.

Article 5 section 9: The Governor shall be commander in cheif [sic] of the military, and naval forces of this State, and may call out such forces to execute the laws, to suppress insurrection [sic], or to repel invasion

Sounds like legislative insurrection to me.
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