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Remember when... (AF memory lane)
Remember when... (AF memory lane)
Dammit. I haven’t been active lately, but I do love my little internet hang out place. I can’t imagine not having the option of stopping by to say hello, or see how you guys are doing. Hope we survive this and become greater!

Anyway... do you guys remember Miss Luckie and her bunny club? Awww I miss those days. I was reminiscing about A69 glory days when it was still fun. Also... the beard thread where dudes posted their beard pictures lol

I remember when I started off here, Tarty was around always talking about cats. I hated cats. Now I’m a cat lady.

My fb profile still has a Tonus quote haha

I remember my CIJS thread that I’d cry if I didn’t have a chance to screenshot my posts before this place died for good. I posted my hardships for many many months in a sort of timeline there and my survivorship is documented through its pages.

How about you? Any memories you’d take?

"Hipster is what happens when young hot people do what old ladies do." -Exian

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