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"The Platform" movie (Spoilers)
"The Platform" movie (Spoilers)
I watched this movie the other day, it was interesting. The gimmick was pretty basic:
  • tall building
  • two people per room
  • each person gets to pick one thing to take with them
  • platform with an elaborate meal with enough food to feed the whole building travels down
  • people eat what they want and of course the people above eat really well while starving those below them
  • Every month they are put to sleep and moved to a random different level to keep things interesting
It reminded me of The Cube and was similarly pointless with a few of the characters asking if other characters believe in god with no real consequences to the answer. One of the cube movies ended with that question and then the person asked was roasted! So, like, that the hell?

What can I say, I like torture porn like Saw, The Human Centipede, and anything by Eli Roth so this was a drama that played out pretty much like you expect. The weirdest part was that the main character was in the tower on purpose because he was promised an accredited degree while his first roommate was there because he accidentally killed a person by dropping a TV out the window. His second roommate was the person that interviewed him before going in to the tower. She went in because she wanted to understand where she was sending people.

After thinking about the movie a while and reading a couple articles about it I see now that the movie is commentary on the capitalist system. Obviously trickle down doesn't work for those even halfway down the economic spectrum and it gets super dire for anyone lower than that to the point of murder or suicide and in the case of this movie, cannibalism.

Anyone else see this movie?

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