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the end is nigh 2!!!
the end is nigh 2!!!
this was a play on a post i did for that end of the world movie james franco and seth rogan did.. but for reelz..

Not much of an end times person, like i said in all the time ive been here the only commentary i did was on a spoof movie..  but in my regular studies i also always knew enough to learn the different schools of thought on how the end could go down.

One of them is foreal playing out. There were always condition needed to happen, that have never ever before happened. that are happening now for this first version to play out..
One israel needed to be a nation. This happened after wwii. Then it is said that that generation will not completely die out before the end times kick off..
Then the third temple needed to be built. They/the jews literally started construction a few weeks ago. And technically they do not need one like herods temple that would take years to build. Moses had a legit temple tent. Which is where the word come from tent.. they needed this to celebrate the high holy days ending with yom kippur which is the day of atonement for sin. (They need the temple for sacrifice) where the high priest would offer various sacrifices to god including the blood sacrifices.. they found a site in the temple mount that is not in contestation with islam to build this third temple to do the sacrifices.. the old thought was the only suitable place is where the dome of the rock stands now... how ever they have proof this small unassuming unoccupied corner of the temple mount is acceptable for what they need to do.


So the need the temple... well they started building the temple a few weeks ago =AT3d58rsVBc8oZ_lutFMYvcOiKFjETBj22gYxnb3VXh_zaFFBcj9kdDsXO-gzTO5GPGwHbt6ACmCSfPO3C5BcJeob9c9_V0HhHF6eMdqNb1p9ECttjz2xByUf3U8-oqZssNE4IAB63Qavhh_6XjA]https://www.jewishvoice.org/.../update-building-third-temple

 they have not only that but found sutible priests to do the work and serve in the temple all according to ot law.

Then they need to be peace in the middle east.. a big treaty which will include all of israel's enemies. They will sign and make peace.. which is being brokered by trump he has two nations plus several who have signed in the past and 6 more wanting in...


So the prophesy goes after this treaty is signed we will have 3.5 years of peace and wealth globally.. then the anti christ will do something that will cause everyone to turn on israel break the treaty.. and this triggers God to say enough! Which for some they believe those who will be raptures will goto heaven then pretty much all the bad stuff in the book of revelation starts happening.. still i my mind there was a key element missing.. 

Here the thing that made me write this... top jewish rabbis and priests say they are in contact with the messiah... that was the missing key..

Heres the thing. The messiah was Jesus Christ. He was here died and was resurrected 2000 or so years ago. These Priests are not talking to Jesus. They are talking to the other messiah the bible warns about in the book of revelation. The anti christ/not messiah.

Now here is the alarming part. This messiah claims this Jewish new year/rosh hashanah will be the last with out a messiah
Meaning he plans to reveal himself between this weekend which kicks off the high holy days ‘rosh hashana’ for 2020 goes for 10 days and end with yom kippur the day of attonement/animal sacrifice needed to forgive sin. 2020 and the next celebration this time next year.. Which can only be done in the temple. Which completes the circle..


I do not care how you live your life. Im just pointing out the bible is relevant and the stuff everyone says they always say that and nothing happens... well those things are happening for the first time since Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago. The fact this stuff was written down for thousands of years and is literally play out now is a testament to the bible’s legitimacy..  

Dont look at this next three and 1/2 years as time before you get your death bed/just before the rapture confession worked out. As none of us are promised tomorrow. The time is now... plus God is not stupid, and not obligated to honor a loop hole you think you can exploit last minute.
I have been answering questions and working with atheist agnostics and misotheist for almost 15 years now answering question breaking paradoxes and solving problems people have with the bible and or religion even their understanding of God.. i have been putting videos together on youtube of the most commonly asked questions and problems (even away to make evolution work seamlessly with a literal seven day creation to why good moral atheist goto hell while a person who was immoral their whole life can be saved) in avery easy to understand way. That can be founf here: then i list this place face book and a few others.
RE: the end is nigh 2!!!
Damnit! I thought this was a thread announcing your departure.
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RE: the end is nigh 2!!!
(September 18, 2020 at 12:58 pm)arewethereyet Wrote: Damnit!  I thought this was a thread announcing your departure.

it literally could be.. if i get taken up pre tribulation (when god says enough) you 'good people' a will be on your own. I said i would stay and try to help those of you who really did need proof, and can now watch as the book of revelation play out.

seriously i stayed up to 2:30 last night writing this out because.. the bible is literally playing out now for the first time since christ was here.

4 big things inside a month... and the kicker one of the top rabbis in israel has claimed to be talking to the messiah... not jesus... which means the other messiah the bible talks about, the antichrist. and according to the rabbi he/antichrist promises to announce himself with in a year's time.
RE: the end is nigh 2!!!
"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father".Your only human and all your conclusions might be false about end times.
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RE: the end is nigh 2!!!
(September 18, 2020 at 2:08 pm)purplepurpose Wrote: "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father".Your only human and all your conclusions might be false about end times.

, alot of really really bad things happen before "the day and hour" think the plagues of moses dialed up to 11. add flesh eating locusts terrible skin problems (which i am sort of dealing with a mild version/ever had road rash from a motor cycle accident, again dial it up to 10) the destruction of new babylon which could mean the usa pillars of fire and smoke that blot out the sky possibly the yellowstone super volcano metors strikes (fire and brimstone from the sky) massive wars, what can only be described in modern ters as a nuclear strike (flash of light and people being vaporized/skin stripped from the flesh) all of that and chapter and chapters more before that day and final hour. really want to be around for that just because by faith you dont want this to happen? especially when god offers to take his people away without death just before his wrath is pour out on the rest of  us?
RE: the end is nigh 2!!!


Your bible says that it is God's will that all of his souls be saved.

How is it you have some saved and not all saved as your bible states?

A good god, so Jesus preached, would cure instead of kill, and here you are advocating for a god who kills instead of cures.

You are preaching against Jesus and God's will. 

What's up with that, Christian?

RE: the end is nigh 2!!!
"The Rapture" huh?


It's not biblical even.

It's a twisting done by John Darby in the 1830's.

Apparently he wanted people anxious.

It's easier to fleece anxious people.


If you're going to go in for that sort of crap - I have some unicorn poop to sell you.

It'll make those magic beans grow like a motherfucker....
RE: the end is nigh 2!!!
I might be able to properly assess how full of shit you are if ANY of your links actually worked. But since not a single one does, it just looks like you’re pulling shit out of your ass (and not someone else’s, like your writing implies.)

Also, fun fact: the Messiah prophesied in the OT looks a lot more like a Jewish Alexander the Great than Jesus. Or maybe even a Jewish Ashoka. This is exactly why they rejected the assumption that Jesus was the Messiah.
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RE: the end is nigh 2!!!
I've been looking for an excuse to rob a pharmacy. Thanks drich.
I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem

RE: the end is nigh 2!!!
(September 18, 2020 at 4:19 pm)brewer Wrote: I've been looking for an excuse to rob a pharmacy. Thanks drich.

Grab me some oxy...


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