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What did you learn to do because of the pandemic?
RE: What did you learn to do because of the pandemic?
Cook Indian food. Still not as amazing as my favorite Indian restaurant, but I'm still impressed that I figured out how to make some complex dishes. It's all in the spicing, and that's not easy. lol
RE: What did you learn to do because of the pandemic?
I made more quilts than my family can ever use so I have been sewing some other things.  My older daughter likes gnomes so I made some quilted holiday placements.  I also had a couple throw pillows here that really needed to be recovered simply because I was bored with them after many, many years.  So here are some pics of my new hobby.  (there are still quilts in the works though)

[Image: WN9Jy0D.jpg]

[Image: pu90U7R.jpg]

[Image: 8p4jThC.jpg]
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