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Missionary work, proselytizing
Missionary work, proselytizing
Being so far removed from religion makes you forget that this crap is still happening across the globe.

I fell down a rabbit hole after reading an article in the NY Times of a woman (Greene) in Utah who regrets not getting herself (and husband - who is currently in the ICU) vaccinated. I had a sneaking suspicion she was a LDS member, so I tracked her down on FB. Some of the comments on her pro-vaccination post are what you would expect. But one, in particular, made me angry. This other woman (LDS) basically said she was sorry Greene trusted doctors over GOD. Well, of course I had to go to this woman's FB page.

She has 6 children, all fully-indoctrinated. One of her sons is currently in Paraguay giving out plates of food (basically in exchange for conversion.)
This woman (who again, has 6 children) is currently touring Italy (alone). I have no idea how people with 6 children manage a month-long vacation by themselves, but that's another quandary...

Her posts are about meeting people and speaking to them about the wonders of god. In hostels, on tours, at restaurants. Can you imagine running into this woman who represents America? She's also a Brietbart/right wing nut job, according to her likes. Holy shit, people of Italy. I am truly sorry. 

This got long, sorry. It just makes me so angry that rich people go to poor countries and offer "redemption" under the guise of religion in exchange for bare necessities. The pictures of her missionary son make me stabby. Imagine a rich 18 year old boy telling you IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY that your life is wrong, has no value, unless you convert to his religion. Oh, and here's this plate of food for letting me brainwash you Mad
Illegitimi non carborundum

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