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Ode to His Frothiness-
RE: Ode to His Frothiness-
I thought this was a very poignant, well-written article from The Daily Beast-


My favorite part:

Quote:For Santorum, as for Ratzinger, if your conscience says one thing, and the Pope says another, you obey the Pope, not your conscience. And for the Christianists, if your conscience or intelligence says one thing, and the Bible says another, you obey the Bible, not your conscience, and certainly not your intelligence. Because beneath Christianism is a deep fear of the human mind - as if they actually believe that reason is stronger than religion and therefore must be restrained. As if the human mind can will God out of existence.


RE: Ode to His Frothiness-
That's because they think that if your mind is telling you something which contradicts the bible, it's Satan trying to trick you.
Christian apologetics is the art of rolling a dog turd in sugar and selling it as a donut.
RE: Ode to His Frothiness-


RE: Ode to His Frothiness-
I don't know why anyone who is religious is considered to be be electable anymore.... it makes me sick to my stomach.

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