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Republican Representative compares his party's fight to Imperial Japanese Soldiers
Republican Representative compares his party's fight to Imperial Japanese Soldiers
Quote:Arizona congressman Paul Gosar has signalled that the fight against the election result, which he has repeatedly claimed was stolen, would continue in some form and that voter numbers were on the side of incumbent President Donald Trump.

Gosar was among the most outspoken GOP critics of the result and has continued to claim, without evidence, that the projected win for President-elect Joe Biden had been marred by election fraud.
In a tweet on Monday, Gosar continued on this theme, writing: "The America First agenda is just in its infancy. There are 75 million of us," referring to the number of people who voted for Trump, although official figures so far put it at closer to 74 million. This is still a record haul for a defeated candidate, the most for an incumbent, and the second highest ever—behind Biden.

"Also. Did you know some Japanese soldiers kept fighting for decades after the war?" he added, tweeting an image of the Wikipedia entry of Teruo Nakamura, a Taiwanese-Japanese soldier who fought for the Imperial Japanese Army during World War Two, who did not surrender until nearly three decades after hostilities had ended.


I don't know what's worse, seeing a Republican explicitly comparing his "fighting the good fight" to soldiers defending a brutal regime that committed war crimes as often as the Nazis, and was arguably fascist to boot, or the fact that, if memory serves, these were people who ended up fighting NOTHING for close to three decades, and once they finally surrendered, could not fit in with the Japan of the 1970s. So, I'll leave it to you in the poll to decide.
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RE: Republican Representative compares his party's fight to Imperial Japanese Soldiers

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RE: Republican Representative compares his party's fight to Imperial Japanese Soldiers
He'd be better off going back to focus on tooth decay.
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