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Just got T-boned :(
Just got T-boned :(
Damn it! There is no defensive driving that can avert this shit. Apparently the driver in the other car didn't saw me on the main road and didn't stop, despite being a stop sign there.

Angry Mad Banghead

My poor car, didn't have a scratch, now the right side is flat in. Fuck me! /rant
RE: Just got T-boned :(
That sucks. Other guy's insurance is picking up the tab, yes?
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RE: Just got T-boned :(
I sure hope so, I'll have to wait for the expert evaluation. Here in Portugal you use the friendly declaration of accident (since no injuries happened cops aren't needed), then wait for the experts. The guy didn't even used the brakes. He claims he didn't saw me (???).
RE: Just got T-boned :(
(September 7, 2012 at 8:38 am)LastPoet Wrote: He claims he didn't saw me (???).

WTF. At a stop sign you stop, look then drive, not crumple other's cars.. But good thing that you're not injured LP
When I was young, there was a god with infinite power protecting me. Is there anyone else who felt that way? And was sure about it? but the first time I fell in love, I was thrown down - or maybe I broke free - and I bade farewell to God and became human. Now I don't have God's protection, and I walk on the ground without wings, but I don't regret this hardship. I want to live as a person. -Arina Tanemura

RE: Just got T-boned :(
Yeah sounds like it was clearly his fault, he should definitely be coughing up the dough.
RE: Just got T-boned :(
The simple rule of thumb is that an accident is the fault of the person who did the actual hitting. There are factors which mitigate that (e.g. not stopping at a Stop sign), but usually, it's the fault of the hit-ter, not the hit-tee. Tongue
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RE: Just got T-boned :(
Thankfully, no one was injured.

I hope the insurance game plays in your favor.
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RE: Just got T-boned :(
At least you seem intact. With cars what can't be repaired can be replaced.
RE: Just got T-boned :(
(September 7, 2012 at 8:54 pm)Chuck Wrote: At least you seem intact. With cars what can't be repaired can be replaced.

That was one of the few sentiments my father got right. When I smashed the shit out of his car as a teenager, all he asked was if I was alright, and then said, cars can be replaced ... I can't replace you.

even dipshit fundies have their moments of clarity.
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RE: Just got T-boned :(
I'm so glad you are OK poet.

At 65, I've started to notice a decline in my reflexes and concentration. I've been planning on surrendering my licence at 70. Not sure I will last that long.The last thing I want is to become is one of those dopey old cunts who never get hurt, but cause accidents.

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