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Need help picking a gift. . .
RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
(October 6, 2013 at 11:03 pm)Aegrus Wrote:
(October 6, 2013 at 10:24 pm)Psykhronic Wrote: What is her clothing style? Please include colors if you can :3
And some relevant interests would be good to know - such as, does she like/collect rocks and minerals, have some sort of appreciation for a certain era, etc

I take picking the right jewelry very seriously for some goddamn reason.

Haha, sure. She's a jeans and T-shirts kind of girl. She seems to like mostly cool colors. She prefers blue, her birthstone is pearl. I know she likes silver, as well. . . she's all contemporary styles.

O_o Huh, it's amazing how I didn't think of any of this stuff until you asked me about it. Lol, I need to think harder from now on.

Oh, she sounds waaaay easier to shop for than me (which is a good thing, btw).

I think finding a really nice pearl pendant and putting it on a silver chain of some sort would be awesome. Or a bracelet made with blue glass beads. And handmade touches are always nice, but if you can't or aren't feeling that yourself then I recommend going on Etsy. So many amazing artists on that site. I recently got a beautiful glass bead pendant for twenty bucks, and shipping was only three bucks (not 3.99... im looking at you, AMAZON).
RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
Thanks everyone, these are all great suggestions. ^_^

I've decided what I'm going to do after googling the hell out of this stuff and talking to some friends.
So, I'm having a silver locket engraved with words of my choosing on the front and back, and laser-etched with color pictures of her and I on the inside. Smile I decided to have a tiny pearl set into the bail, as well. I got up early and placed the order this morning.

I know lockets can be sort of tacky at times. . . but this is pretty simple, not gaudy. We're both hopeless romantics as well, and I know she loves stuff like that.

Again, thanks, all you guys were great. Smile
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Also, I am not pretending to be female, this profile picture is my wonderful girlfriend. XD
RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
Great idea. I really hope everything works out for you two Smile
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RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
Rampant rabbit.

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RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
(October 7, 2013 at 3:11 pm)downbeatplumb Wrote: Rampant rabbit.

She would probably like that, actually, just not for a romantic Christmas gift. ROFLOL
What falls away is always, and is near.

Also, I am not pretending to be female, this profile picture is my wonderful girlfriend. XD
RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
I personally think the gift should be according to the next one's choice, because the person should be accepted that and like it so remember gift someone which is really great and unique.
RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
The best gift I ever got from my (now ex-) long-distance boyfriend was a sweatshirt he sprayed with his cologne.

It's not "special" like jewelry but it meant way more to me than any piece of jewelry he could have sent me. Just sayin'.

If you go the jewelry route get her something that she already wears. Is she a necklace girl? An earrings girls? A bracelet girl? A ring girl? (I know you said no rings but it that's the only jewelry she really wears...) Personally, I'm an earrings and necklace girl; if my boyfriend gave me a bracelet I would never ever wear it because I just don't wear bracelets. Keep that in mind when buying jewelry for her - what does she already wear?

Also, if she's an earrings girl, think about things like does she have multiple piercings? (i.e. two in each ear) If so, you could get her small gemstone studs for the upper piercings that she likely won't change out that often (I haven't changed my upper earrings for over five years because the earrings in them are sentimental). Or you could get her studs for her single piercings. If you get her dangley earrings, will she leave them in all the time? If so, make sure they are not so dangely that they'll tangle in her hair, and make sure they have a clasp that closes, not just a shepherds hooks that could fall out. Obviously, these aren't considerations if she frequently changes her earrings or is okay with taking them out every night and putting them in every morning. Not to be exclusionary, does she have any other piercings that you could buy a special piece for? Nose? Lip? Tongue? Eyebrow? Cartilage? Tragus? Somewhere... else? Does she gauge or are standard studs or hooks the way to go? And this kind of consideration can be extended to other types of jewelry.

Oh, and make sure you get the pieces in a metal she's not allergic to; most people are okay with the metals nice jewelry stores sell, but some people are allergic to gold, and some people are allergic to a certain type of metal in only certain places - my mom can't wear gold necklaces but can wear gold rings because the sensitivity of her skin is different between her neck and her hands. Talk to the jeweler about the least-reactive metals that you can afford for the piece you're thinking of buying, better to be safe than sorry.

As for style of jewelry, again it comes back to what she already wears. Does she wear cubic zirconia in the hopes of one day having a special gemstone piece? Maybe you could buy her her first "upgrade." Does she wear pieces with stones (as in polished rock, not gemstones) or beads? Or does she wear pendants on chains? Does she wear delicate pieces? Big chunky pieces? Costume jewelry? Simple designs? Elaborate designs? You say she likes contemporary styles, does that mean contemporary-traditional or contemporary-non-traditional? Think about where, when and how often you want her to wear what you get her. The less-often you imagine her wearing it the more extravagant and impractical the piece can be; the more-often you want her to wear it, the more comfortable, and versatile it needs to be.

While I agree with other posters that a string of pearls might be a good thing to get, make sure she likes pearls and that a sting of pearls is within the range of jewelry she would wear. I'm a jeans and tee shirts girl and I own a string of pearls - but I never wear them. I'm into metals and funky statement pieces. It's not that I don't like the pearls, it's that they don't have character so I never want to wear them.

With all that being said, if you skype with her, start scoping her out for the kinds of jewelry she's wearing when she's talking to you. Go check out her facebook photos to see what she's wearing and to what kinds of occasions. Basically, start a covert intelligence-gathering mission with your aim being to discern the best piece of jewelry to buy her.

And good luck. Smile
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RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
If you aren't dead set on jewelry, try to get her something which reflects her interests. For example, my wife is teetotal bugnuts mad for anything to do with Charlie Chaplin. The best received gift I ever got her was a script from his film 'Monsieur Verdoux', with margin notes in Chaplin's hand writing.

But it needn't be pricey - just something that is about her.

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RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
(October 6, 2013 at 9:24 pm)Aegrus Wrote: Right. . . Christmas is coming up and I need help picking a gift for my girlfriend.

Yes, the relationship is long distance, but that doesn't really make a difference to me. It might seem weird, but we're actually really close. . . I just want to give her something physical that she can remember me by.

I'm thinking a necklace or bracelet; we're not really at the ring stage yet. The issue is, jewelry is a foreign concept to me. I've never bought any before. . .Any suggestions or tips? (She keeps demanding that I don't spend much on her. . . but I'm not listening, so the amount I'm willing to spend is flexible.)

And before anyone warns me about the dangers of spending money on people over the internet (which has happened many times before), chill out. She didn't ask for anything, this is my idea.

Charm bracelets are nice, without it being too showy or too over the top. Maybe buy the first initial in her first name or something. It will be something she treasures forever. Happy shopping! Big Grin
RE: Need help picking a gift. . .
Don't get something so normal and predictable. Step back from the herd a bit.

Get her something like this: http://eclecticgallery.net/Brass-Kaleido...heels.html
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