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Self injury
Self injury
So yesterday, I was in the process of getting up from bed, doing stretches when I dislocated my fragile left shoulder.

Waited 8 hours in the ER for a 15 minute procedure.

Anyone want to share stories?
RE: Self injury
I had every bone from the ankle down on my left foot simultaneously dislocated when I tried to pull it out from under a portable 800 lb generator I had rolled over it. Nothing broken, thankfully nothing ever broken bone wise.
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RE: Self injury
This is my injury: was in a car accident broke my fibia and was in the hospital for 3 weeks.
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RE: Self injury
A couple of years ago I was adapting my car tire pump to run directly from the battery and as I was stripping the wires with my Cobra Gunsmith Knife honed to a razors edge, it slipped from the wire and traveled in a straight line up my index finger over the joint, through the skin and 70% through the tendon underneath.

The surgeon was very impressed and so was I as I watched him stitch it together again. A few weeks later it was as good as new although there is a slight bump there where the tendon was overlapped to give it some strength.
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RE: Self injury
I was working as a chef, and had been for nine years, when I chopped the corner of the tip of my left thumb off. I was in the hospital for about six hours waiting for them to shove some foam magic stuff in my finger (there was nothing left to sew up) and send me on my way. Good times.
RE: Self injury
Well,when I was 8 I kinda rolled and bounced a lot down a quarry. (A bloody minded little arsehole I should not have been there at all,let alone trying to climb down.).

I broke both arms and my head. I received some frontal lobe brain damage which pretty much came good when I was 17. My right arm was a bit buggered,with the elbow remaining dislocated. BUT, I passed the cursory army medical and became a grunt, cross trained as medic. (rated marksman with 7.62 SRL)

I was in hospital for 10 days and off school for 2 months. It was great.
RE: Self injury
I've broken my upper right leg bone when I fell of a tractor as when I was 12.

I got in an accident when I was 16 with my moped with a car smashing into my side, tearing the ligament in my right ankle. I still have a slight limp because of that.

I design and build combat robots, so I work with metal with sharp edges so getting cuts and bruises are par of the course. There isn't a robot that I've built that doesn't have some blood of me in there somewhere.

Last year during the summer I was helping to set up the combat arena at Zandvoort when a 40kg floorboard slipped from my hands and landed full force right behind the safety tip of my shoe, breaking my left big toe in the length.

That's all the major ones. I'm not counting a few fingertips being broken or a lost nail, those are pretty minor. They set pretty well and nails grow back.

My injuries are pretty much to be expected with hobbies like mine (tractor pulling, robot combat). The floorpanel was a bit unexpected.
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RE: Self injury
Mountain biking with a friend. Fell off the mountain.

Broke three ribs, snapped the collar bone (left one) and splattered my spleen.

We was deep in the woods so it took awhile before the EMS could carry me down the path, out of the woods to a four-wheel drive rescue vehicle, load me into an ambulance and cart me to the hospital.

Rolled me into the operating room, knocked me out and I woke up three and a half weeks later in the intensive care.

Seems I lost chingos of blood and was hovering next to death. Spent another 2 days conscience in the IC unit, transfered to a regular hospital room and spent the next four weeks in there.

I have a nice zipper scar from mid/lower chest damn near down to my junk.

Been spleen free for about 10 years now.

I like to tell folks I've travelled into the future. I 'went under', and what seemed to me like merely falling asleep and waking up (seemingly instantanously), I woke up almost four weeks later! I travelled damn near 30 days into the future! \o/

And after all this it gave me the idea for a time travelling machine. It only works one way (into the future) and the technology to implement it does not exist yet, but it would work!
Then I realized how this same basic idea could be be implemented in order to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

One day I'll fill you all in on it. Not now 'cause I gotta go take a dump.
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RE: Self injury
I live in a country with "socialised" medicine so I've never waited more than 30 minutes to see someone. Of course, the more severe the injury, the less time you have to wait (obviously).

I broke my hand once, and then my little finger. Nothing serious has happened to me...yet.
RE: Self injury
Haha Adrain Smile Nice dig! Our small town hospital is direct access too... just knock on the door, they call the doc and he rolls up 5 minutes later.

I'm reading Dotard with the voice of Johnny Cash in my head.

Nothing serious here. A dog bit a fingernail off once when I lunged in to pull it off our dog. That's about it. Very dull Sad

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