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"Non profit" "org" really a gas lobby group.
RE: "Non profit" "org" really a gas lobby group.
(February 3, 2015 at 4:22 pm)Brian37 Wrote: Yes I do, "do nothing because they are bigger". Look man I don't care, if I motivate enough people to raise their voices I have done my job. Do nothing, get nothing. I don't care how big they are.

As soon as people understand the actual options available to solve the problem, you will lose your raised voices. As I said before we can tax the fuck out of fossil fuel consumption, immediately start approving new nuclear generation, or some combination of the above. Anything else only gives the illusion of concern and betrays a certain level of ignorance regarding the problem.

The issue with your telephone recplacement technology analogy is that the 'cell phone' equivalent doesn't exist yet in the power industry. As I said before, there are issues with reknewable sources that cannot yet be technically resolved; i.e., its not a matter of will or money right now. The industry is looking ahead. For example, as everyone is discussing grid infrastructure upgrades (direly needed), plans are being hatched that will try to help resolve some of the issues inherent in alternative energy sources such as variability.

I'm also tired of the worn out and innacurate corporate greed canard as it is applied to 'Big Oil'. Let's quickly compare the profit margin of some companies:
Exxon - 7.51
Chevron - 7.53
BP - 1.26
Total - 6.9

CocaCola - 17.65
Pepsi - 11.66
Monster - 19.12
Procter & Gamble - 11.77
Kimberly Clark - 17.65

But it's Big Oil you want to denigrate for corporate greed. Big Cola and Big Make-up can continue pumping out their product at listed margins without so much as a peep. The problem is that Big Oil has become just like immigration; an issue everyone takes sides on without knowing what the actual problem is or potential solutions.

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