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Damned Hindus
RE: Damned Hindus
Because there haven't been enough Hindu atrocities documented on AF recently:

Mob Kills Muslim Man, Injures Son over Cow Slaughter

Quote:A Muslim blacksmith, Mohammad Akhlaq, and his son Danish were battered by people who knew them. The father died, and his son was has been hospitalized with critical injuries.

What triggered the bloody assault? A rumor that a cow was slaughtered in that nondescript neighborhood, home to mostly Rajputs — a high-ranking valiant Hindu caste meaning "sons of the kings."

In Hinduism, cows are deemed sacred and their killing a sin.
How will we know, when the morning comes, we are still human? - 2D

Don't worry, my friend.  If this be the end, then so shall it be.
RE: Damned Hindus
Cows are sacred and people are not.

Dumb fuckwits.
RE: Damned Hindus
Another cow-related death!

RE: Damned Hindus
Jeez. That's ridiculous.
RE: Damned Hindus
I guess the only left for them to do now is blow it up?


Quote:Taj Mahal: India monument 'not a Hindu temple'

Quote:India's government has rejected claims by a group of lawyers that the Taj Mahal monument was a Hindu temple.
Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma said the government had not found any evidence to support the claim.
The lawyers filed a petition in a court last year saying that the monument should be handed over to Hindus.
RE: Damned Hindus
More heroism by religitard nuts.


Quote:An Indian student from the lowest Dalit caste was hacked to death and his wife critically injured in southern India in a suspected "honour killing" by relatives angered by their marriage, police said Monday.

Three men armed with sickles and sharp weapons attacked the 22-year-old student and his wife, who is from a higher caste, on a crowded street in Tamil Nadu state on Sunday.

We probably don't pay enough attention to these whack jobs.
RE: Damned Hindus
Does the caste system extend to cows?

Are some more 'sacred' than others?
 The granting of a pardon is an imputation of guilt, and the acceptance a confession of it. 

RE: Damned Hindus
You're asking the wrong guy.... although some burgers are heavenly!
RE: Damned Hindus
I doubt these are hindus but it is still India so, close enough.


Quote:Death of fair-skinned child among Jarawa tribe leaves Indian police puzzled

Andaman Island hunter-gatherers believed to have killed child according to ritual custom, but alleged role of outsiders in death forces officials to intervene
RE: Damned Hindus
(May 2, 2015 at 12:38 pm)Minimalist Wrote: Just as stupid as the rest of the idiots it seems.


Quote:Some blame the corrupt politicians for bringing devastation to this Himalayan nation. Others fault Western tourists with tight T-shirts and loose morals. But among many of Nepal's most devoutly religious, the chaos and destruction wrought a week ago by a massive earthquake makes one thing clear: The gods are angry.

Now, in the shadow of some of Nepal's holiest mountaintop temples, many find comfort in the notion that there was a divine and just cause behind the tragedy that has killed thousands and left hundreds of thousands more homeless and destitute.

"It's a warning from the gods to the politicians: Change yourselves, or who knows what will happen," said Ishwar Nath Yogi, the 51-year-old high priest at Gorkha Kalika, a revered temple to the goddess Kali and the birthplace of Nepal's first king.

Just imagine Jerry Falwell with Apu's accent, same bullshit different country.

A conservative nut is a conservative nut. Nobody owns a patent on bullshit logic. As soon as you start making reality claims as to why bad things happen and base it on divine punishment, you are just as much a fucking loon as any other human of any religion in any nation. 

Buddhists also have their bullshit superstitions too. If you do bad in a prior life or this one Karma will get you and or you will come back as a lower life form in the next life.

Now of course you cant rid a planet of 7 billion humans of all delusional claims, but it is certainly unwise to call this type of crap a "virtue". This is yet another reason I don't give ANY religion a pass. You cannot force religion out of existence, but it is unwise to allow bad ideas and claims to be scrutiny free.

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