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Damned School Administrators
Damned School Administrators
In the spirit of the "Damned" series started by another poster, I couldn't help adding this observation about the Boston Globe's silence regarding the sexual predators working in the public school system.

According to this article, a Boston television station has unearthed the fact that the licenses of as many as 15 Massachusetts educators are suspended or revoked each year for sexual misconduct." Yet, the Boston Globe, which is all over the priest scandal in the Catholic Church, has been strangely silent concerning the same crime being committed in schools.


The abuse of children needs to be stopped no matter where it is happening or who is doing it.
RE: Damned School Administrators
Really? I can't imagine how that could happen. I'd expect administration to act quickly to prosecute. They have no vested interest in the forgiveness of sins hooey promoted by the heads of the Catholic church.
RE: Damned School Administrators
Oh wait -just read the article- this about expelling predatory teachers, not retaining and relocating them. So basically no comparison.
RE: Damned School Administrators
It took 0.39 seconds to come up with 303,000 hits for a search string on:  Boston Globe teacher sex public schools

Including this one.


Quote:A respected special education school teacher at a Boston public school was placed on paid leave Wednesday, following his arrest for a highly public sex act in South Station’s busy concourse on Patriots Day, authorities said Friday.

So, either your "source" does not read the Boston Globe or is some catholic horseshit outlet which seeks to muddy the waters.  As in the story above, public school teachers who are caught are arrested.   They are NOT moved to other parishes where they can continue to molest children.

Surely you see the difference?

But, in the US school administrators seem to be a dumb as a bag of rocks in far too many cases,


Quote:Top School Official Denies Appeal To Have Pop-Tart Gun Suspension Removed From Josh Welch's Record

so I heartily endorse the thread.
RE: Damned School Administrators
I noted a legal loophole of sorts in a local case a while back.

The math teacher was banging a 13 year old student, and also they were texting each other. He got wind of the impending shitstorm from a fellow teacher and destroyed his and his students cell phone. The girl thinks she is in love with him and won't testify, and with out the texts and lurid pictures the prosecution for the sex was severely hampered.

He is getting some time for destroying evidence (<1 year), but he won't have to register as a sex offender. The fine wasn't all that much (considering) but his legal fees bankrupted him and his wife, and she's long gone now.

My concern is, maybe the penalties for destroying evidence need to be comparable to that for the offense involved in the first place. I understand the difficulty in requiring registration as a sex offender without a cooperative witness and a successful prosecution. FWIW, as part of his plea deal, he's surrendered his teaching certificate (for the state where the offenses occurred) but obviously, there's an unaddressed issue there.
 The granting of a pardon is an imputation of guilt, and the acceptance a confession of it. 

RE: Damned School Administrators
What about when the church has the evidence and simply ignores it?

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