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The Creationist that Ken Ham calls "stupid"
The Creationist that Ken Ham calls "stupid"
An encounter with one of our theists about the Great Flood reminded me - I downloaded Kent Hovind's dissertation some time ago. I made the mistake of scanning through it.  This "dissertation" has no references. No introduction, no problem statement, no methodology statement, and no conclusion. The spelling and grammar would get a poor grade in any 9th grade English class.  The only source is the King James Bible, and it's basically just an ignorant rambling sermon with no real point. At the Catholic Church where I used to work, we had a priest who should have retired at least a decade ago.  His sermons were stream-of-consciousness musings about god. This - "dissertation" makes that priest seem like a genius. It's - - mindboggling - - it's just so bad. I have it in .pdf and text if anyone wants it.  I can send a copy.  You can also read it online.  You can also find it here: wikileaks Kent Hovind

He's the guy behind Creation Science Evangelism and Dinosaur Adventure Land. He is a huge scofflaw, he does not believe the law applies to him.  He has been charged with tax crimes, property crimes, assault, battery & burglary, tax fraud and mail fraud. He is a "tax protester" and was convicted of 58 felony counts of tax evasion in Jan. 2007. (He had a public entertainment park, and got paid for a lot of creationist activities - including his own set of "educational videos" - and never paid a dime in taxes.  He owed over 1/2 million.) Jack Chick loves him, but he is so extreme (and ignorant) that even Ken Ham won't have anything to do with him. He's back in jail.  He was indicted in 2014 on two counts of mail fraud.   

I'm posting this because when I did some searching, I found that he has a HUGE following.  The internet is flooded with "free Kent Hovind" sites and videos.  The fundies claim that he is being persecuted for preaching the truth.  They don't care that he's a criminal and an idiot, with fraudulent degrees. They only know one thing: he's going to prove that the scientists are evil and that the bible is the literal word of god.  That's all they need to know.  My Mother is almost certainly a fan.  (sigh)    Banging Head On Desk

15 Kent Hovind quotes

"The family that prays together...is brainwashing their children."- Albert Einstein
RE: The Creationist that Ken Ham calls "stupid"
I am John Cena's hip-hop album.
RE: The Creationist that Ken Ham calls "stupid"
(May 7, 2016 at 7:46 pm)ApeNotKillApe Wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ByUu1UaGU

That's surprisingly catchy!
A Christian told me: if you were saved you cant lose your salvation. you're sealed with the Holy Ghost

I replied: Can I refuse? Because I find the entire concept of vicarious blood sacrifice atonement to be morally abhorrent, the concept of holding flawed creatures permanently accountable for social misbehaviors and thought crimes to be morally abhorrent, and the concept of calling something "free" when it comes with the strings of subjugation and obedience perhaps the most morally abhorrent of all... and that's without even going into the history of justifying genocide, slavery, rape, misogyny, religious intolerance, and suppression of free speech which has been attributed by your own scriptures to your deity. I want a refund. I would burn happily rather than serve the monster you profess to love.

RE: The Creationist that Ken Ham calls "stupid"
Lol Ape!!!  That was hilarious and perfect!  Thanks.    Clap    Worship    

"The family that prays together...is brainwashing their children."- Albert Einstein

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