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Can you cut a cake fairly to solve this middle school math problem?
RE: Can you cut a cake fairly to solve this middle school math problem?
I actually found a better way to divide the cake (that is, if you like cake). Just google "full moon, half moon, total eclipse" for the method.
You see, one thing is: I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing.
I think it's much more interesting to live not knoing than to have answers which might be wrong.
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RE: Can you cut a cake fairly to solve this middle school math problem?
(7th August 2017, 01:01)Nymphadora Wrote: While everyone stands around a big white board, drawing schematics and diagrams of how to properly divide the cake Losty made, Nymphadora and her epic stealth skills quickly and cunningly removes said cake from the counter, grabs two forks and two bottles of wine, along with Losty and we sneak out the back door to the deck, where we each grab a seat at the table, facing the house. We each take up a fork and a bottle of wine and laugh heartily at the fools inside who are still bickering about how to cut the cake, and we consume said cake - all without a feeling of guilt because we are women with cake and wine and we are invincible!

And a lot smarter than the men still inside, arguing about the now eaten cake.

Beat me to it. But my evil deed was going to be using some round device to cut the cake into a circle, make 5 radial cuts, and abscond with the rest. If it's chocolate frosting, my eyes will be spinning in different directions from the sugar and theobromine overload.
RE: Can you cut a cake fairly to solve this middle school math problem?
LOL... Nice one.

Personally, I think the cake tasted awesome. The wine was good too, but the company - now that was the best part of the whole night!
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