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What Are You Doing For Christmas?
What Are You Doing For Christmas?
Yes, this atheist celebrates Christmas except for the religious parts.

My daughter and I have a few traditions. We're going to The Nutcracker today (cannot wait!). My favorite art museum hosts a "Sound of Music" singalong showing a few days after Christmas and we go to that every year.
The tree is up and decorated and I've been tearing out some carols on my violin.
Oh, and later tonight we'll watch "A Christmas Story".
Some friends invited my daughter and me to their home for Christmas Eve. We'll probably do Spanish karaoke and play dice games.
If the weather here is mild on Christmas day, we'll go out for a little hike and some fresh air.

What about you? Any special plans for Christmas? Or are you sleeping in and catching up on a good book?
RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
We have trees, decorations, presents and special food. We're staying over at Emma's parents. We have a nice peaceful time Smile
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RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
Meeting friends for dinner.
RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
Christmas Eve we go to my parents and do a little gathering of gift giving, cooking and then I usually hang with my brother, sister and brother-in-law until super late. Christmas day we all watch my spoiled daughter, and only kid on my side of the family, open gobs of presents. After that we travel 2 hours away to my wife's side of the family and repeat basically the same thing. Nothing religious involved at either place. Although I may not be going to the wife's family this year due to having to work at 4am the day after Christmas and I'm sure they'd prefer staying the night there instead of driving all the way home. Lots of driving on Christmas day doesn't sound too merry. If that's the case then I'll remain at my parents house on Christmas day until my siblings head out and I'll do the same.
RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
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RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
I spend a few days at Xmas in Montreal at my sister's.

Christmas Eve is at my niece's - hors d'oeuvres and drinks in the afternoon, with presents amongst cousins, aunts, uncles.
In the evening it's Chinese food and Christmas cookies.

Christmas Day is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, pie and cookies, at my sister's with family and in-laws.

On Boxing Day my sister makes a smoked meat sandwich lunch for the fifteen of us.

On Wrestling Day I drive home.

[Image: XmasDinner1.jpg]

[Image: XmasDinner2.jpg]
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RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
With family, unknown at this point. I'm sending my wife to Cali to see her family. She hasn't seen some of them in 10 yrs. That leaves me and the dogs. If it's warm enough we'll head out to the country to let them run and track. My son may show up at some point but I'm not counting on it. He gets a lot of pressure from his mother and girlfriend to spend the whole day with them. He has Monday off from work, we can just do any christmas thing then.

I may just spend christmas eve/morning at the human shelter giving a hand so some of the staff can get off and spend time with their families. This reminds me I need to call them today. So, good thread timing. Thanks.
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RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
Not a damn thing.
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RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
That's some tasty looking Christmas food, Chas. I like that you're doing Chinese food on Christmas eve.

Good for you for volunteering at the shelter on Christmas eve/ morning, mh. Smile

(December 17, 2016 at 2:42 pm)Stimbo Wrote: Not a damn thing.

On AF, perhaps?
RE: What Are You Doing For Christmas?
Visiting first my parents, then my in-laws...
You know, Adoration of the child...
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