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Anti-Matter at CERN
RE: Anti-Matter at CERN
(20th December 2016, 19:22)Alex K Wrote:
(20th December 2016, 19:20)Anomalocaris Wrote: Hot compared to Amy?


That is praise so faint even she deserves better.
RE: Anti-Matter at CERN
(20th December 2016, 18:01)SteelCurtain Wrote: I only watch BBT out of commitment now. It hasn't really been overtly funny for a couple of seasons. It first seemed like a huge nerdy inside joke, now they've sort of expanded the viewing audience so much that there are very few of those moments any more.

I feel the same way. At some point the show really jumped the shark.
The fool hath said in his heart, There is a God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
Psalm 14, KJV revised edition

RE: Anti-Matter at CERN
Yes, but unless a show becomes truly aweful, I usually come back periodically in its later life just to see where it was going.
RE: Anti-Matter at CERN
I'll also note, for me to watch a show with no males in it I find attractive (well, Raj a little bit if he wasn't such a wuss) is kind of amazing.
In the 1960s, American parents began looking to mental health professionals for child-rearing advice.  Since then, an exponential per-capita increase in child mental health professionals has matched a dramatic deterioration in child mental health.  No new therapy or drug has stopped this downward trend.

John Rosemond

RE: Anti-Matter at CERN
I gave up watching the Big Bang Theory years ago. You know that a series has run out of inspiration when they start using formulaic jokes making fun of minorities or hint at someone being sexually abused as a child yet the character hasn't realised.
Thou shall not suffer a theist to ignore the implications of what they believe in.

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