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Dylann Roof sentenced to death
RE: Dylann Roof sentenced to death
"You did it, you killed that little girl confess!"

-"Uh, no, but I could really use some help with the bookie I've got in my trunk, you fellas look like you lift"
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RE: Dylann Roof sentenced to death
(13th January 2017, 18:35)Khemikal Wrote: Earlier, A Theist treated us to what I can only assume we're to consider a truly cunning act, a clever criminal escaping the law.......of losing weight and slipping through a hole in the drywall.  That's not a smart criminal.....it's gross incompetence on the part of another party.  People try that shit in other contexts all the time.  The guys we find stuck in the ceiling tiles at the mcdonalds the next day, after a botched robbery.  Talk about there but for the grace of god go I.  

Yeah, maybe the guy who broke into mcdonalds and got stuck in the ceiling tiles should have planned 6 months in advance, have accomplices inside and outside of the establishment, obtained detailed floor plans of the facility as well as the movements and schedules of managers and employees, accumulate cash and other tools during that period, steal some mcydees uniforms, and lost weight before he tried to squeeze himself through a hole that was too small for his big ass, maybe he would have been as successful breaking in as Bundy was in breaking out....incompetence on the part on the part of another party? Possibly. Bundy at least proved that he was far more clever and cunning than the softies who ran the state at the time.
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Quote: JohnDG...
Quote:It was an awful mistake to characterize based upon religion. I should not judge any theist that way, I must remember what I said in order to change.
RE: Dylann Roof sentenced to death
(13th January 2017, 11:46)Catholic_Lady Wrote:
(13th January 2017, 07:19)A Theist Wrote: I was just pointing out the cunning and intellect of Ted Bundy and how he was someone that was truly deserving of the death penalty. He was a remorseless and brutal serial killer who raped and tortured his victims before killing them. He kept their dead bodies and would return to have sex with them until they were too decomposed. He also decapitated some and kept their heads as trophies. By Florida law he was executed. Bundy was a psychopathic killer who showed no remorse or pity for his victims. Dylan Roof walked into a church with the intention of killing black people. They were having a prayer meeting and they showed him nothing but love and acceptance and he murdered them without remorse. Because he murdered those people, the state will lawfully put him to death. You can object all you want. A cold blooded and remorseless murderer can lawfully be put to death in 38 states here in this country.

Ted expressed remorse later on. Or at least pretended to, but how can we know for sure if he was or not? While he was still alive on death row he actually helped detectives understand the mind of a serial killer for the sake of identifying/capturing more of them in the future. He would have done much more good to us alive in max security than dead. We can study these people and learn from them. They can help us find warning signs in other people who are or are on the verge of becoming serial killers.

^^^^^^^ That right there is how you create long term conditions to PREVENT more Bundy's. Not the death penalty itself. Just like we can predict to a cone of degree days out the path of a hurricane, you are not saying you want the hurricane to affect you, you simply have an understanding of the roots of how the develop and behave. 

This is also why I hate the word "senseless" being used in media news, understanding human behavior helps us make sense of why people end up doing bad things, be it from mental illness or being bullied as a kid or being raised in poverty. 

Roof's actions as vile as they were, have very mundane psychological roots. Understanding those roots can help prevent other youth, teens and young adults from getting to that same point.
RE: Dylann Roof sentenced to death
Virtually every serial offender had an abusive childhood in one way or another. Bundy grew up believing his mother to be his sister and suffered abuse by his grandmother. Kemper had been locked away because his mother believed he would rape his sister. That's not to excuse their later crimes but it points to the fact that you have to catch them young to turn them around. If they graduate to become offenders it's already too late.
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