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Let This Be A Lesson to Flynn And The Other Hanging Turds on the WLB's Asshole
Let This Be A Lesson to Flynn And The Other Hanging Turds on the WLB's Asshole

Quote:Prosecutors argue against prison time for New Jersey 'Bridgegate' mastermind

Quote:Wildstein pleaded guilty to conspiracy in 2015 and agreed to cooperate with authorities, eventually appearing as the star witness at Kelly and Baroni's trial for eight days of testimony. "Put simply, were it not for Wildstein's decision to cooperate and disclose the true nature of the lane reductions, there likely would have been no prosecutions related to the bridge scheme," U.S. prosecutors wrote in arguing that Wildstein should receive probation but no prison time.

Kelly and Baroni were sentenced to 1-1/2 and two years in prison, respectively.

The canary who sings first gets the best deal.  The WLB has no loyalty to anyone but himself.
RE: Let This Be A Lesson to Flynn And The Other Hanging Turds on the WLB's Asshole
Still fucking amazed Christy wasn't pulled into that cluster fuck.

He paid a price as it was, but to not have been directly implicated, charged, indicted, it's just unbelievable.
 The granting of a pardon is an imputation of guilt, and the acceptance a confession of it. 

RE: Let This Be A Lesson to Flynn And The Other Hanging Turds on the WLB's Asshole
And the judge bought it.


Quote:Ex-Christie ally and Bridgegate mastermind avoids prison

Quote:The judge sentenced Wildstein to three years of probation, noting that he was the only figure in the scandal to accept responsibility for his actions.

Wise up, Flynn.  The WLB will fuck you up the ass in a heartbeat.

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