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The Crazies Will Run This Poor Bastard Out of the Republicunt Party
The Crazies Will Run This Poor Bastard Out of the Republicunt Party
How DARE you deviate from the party line by thinking?  Can't tolerate that.


Quote:Illinois abortions will be covered by Medicaid and state employee insurance thanks to a bill signed Thursday by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.

As a candidate in 2014, Rauner had expressed support for expanded coverage of abortion procedures. This spring, however, he dialed that back as he tried to shore up relations with conservative GOP lawmakers.

Quote:"The passions, the emotions, the sentiments on both sides of these issues are very powerful. I respect them very much," Rauner said, according to the Associated Press. "I believe that a woman living with limited financial means should not be put in a position where she has to choose something different than a woman of high income would be able to choose."

Yeah - the nutjobs will be shitting bricks.

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