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The Despicability of Gun Turds
The Despicability of Gun Turds
This fuckhead isn't even a gun nut.  He's way too far gone for that.


Quote:Arizona GOP candidate compares Parkland survivors to Hitler — then asks reporter to put him in touch with teens

BTW, he's running to replace my pervert congressman.  What a collection of shits the republicunts have come up with.  I'm sure one of them will win thus keeping Arizona's reputation as a shithole.
RE: The Despicability of Gun Turds
I can see why he'd think that after those students absolutely destroyed Marco Rubio on live television. Not to mention later (When student Sarah Chalkman tweeted a suggestion to rename the AR-15 to Marco Rubio because they are easy to buy I felt she should get a fucking medal)
"Tradition" is just a word people use to make themselves feel better about being an asshole.
RE: The Despicability of Gun Turds
Some more Gun Turds.... no, not the congressman - the dumbfucks who replied.


Quote:‘Primary this wimp’: Gun nuts seethe at military vet GOP lawmaker after he comes out for banning AR-15
RE: The Despicability of Gun Turds
These sickos do not even represent the majority of firearm owners. They have been so deeply indoctrinated by the NRA they have become a cult, and literally are trying to give human rights to objects.
RE: The Despicability of Gun Turds
Exactly the type of scum-sucking pigs who should never be allowed near a gun, though.
RE: The Despicability of Gun Turds
(February 23, 2018 at 8:13 pm)Minimalist Wrote: Exactly the type of scum-sucking pigs who should never be allowed near a gun, though.

One common argument I use against these morons, is the fact depression runs in my biological family, and have told these idiots I have had suicidal thoughts in my past. Then I ask them if I should be allowed to own a firearm. Their answer is rightfully "no". Then I point out the problem with "no record at time of buy" is their default position. I have no record, I could literally go out today and buy one. I won't because I don't want one, but I could. 

The firearm worshipers don't care about reducing firearm deaths. They've had a lifetime of being sold self entitlement always forgetting about the "responsibility" part that goes with rights. They always stupidly argue "I wouldn't" when it is a policy issue collectively in long term law making.

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