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Why America is anti-theist.
Why America is anti-theist.
So I read this recently: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/way...e-thought/

I had a problem with the gallop poll but why nit-pick.

Long story short, 26% of Americans might not believe in god! Before you stop the presses, consider they might just be stupid. The article goes on to postulate that Americans are hiding their identity. But I've met the average American, I'm one of them! There is a good chance they just filled out the questions wrong.

They found that 27% (including 40% of young adults, salivate away!) have "doubts about the existence of God". They didn't say clearly how they came to these numbers or what "God" it was. They didn't say that those 27% or 40% of young adults, definitely didn't believe in god. Just doubts.

So while I think this article was well intentioned, what is it really doing?

Just arming those that think atheists are some how taking over the country? Yes, it does that.
Worry those of firm religious belief that the country is becoming less godly? Yes, it does that.
Allow those that are atheist activists to shout and point more? Yes it does that.
Allow those that are atheist to be open in their beliefs in a "godly" workplace? Nope, makes it worse.

So how is something like that article suppose to be read?
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RE: Why America is anti-theist.
Do you mean anti-atheist?
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RE: Why America is anti-theist.
Yeah I mean according to the article people fear stigma so much they keep their lack of belief secret. Which I already knew.
RE: Why America is anti-theist.
If they are trying to say America is anti theist they forgot to tell the bible belt
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