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Anyone Here Done Over-Clocking a CPU?
RE: Anyone Here Done Over-Clocking a CPU?
I've never overclocked because I don't want to risk any errors while processing my experiments. I've always gone for more cores because of this even when common wisdom was to go for fewer cores but greater speed. I still spend time trying to get it as cool as possible though as my computers will be running 100% for 24/7 and I need to reduce my electricity bill. My husband's computer had a lot of problems though and an overclocking keyboard and I had to spend a lot of time figuring out how to make sure that all the overclocking was switched off. There was so much stuff to learn which is now completely obsolete.

I'm hoping I will finally get my hands on something more beefy than a quad core when I upgrade my husband's computer from 2009. I'll give him my i7-7700K which I use as a grind box and get something better for myself.
RE: Anyone Here Done Over-Clocking a CPU?
OK, time to revive this thread because .....reasons.

I think I've watched EVERY youtube vid concerning overclocking/motherboards...
I was going to go the ASUS route since many of their boards are o/clock enhanced.

But by watching Buildzoid's analysis of said motherboards VRM implementation, there's only 2 ASUS boards I'm considering.
The Extreme and the Apex. I'm talking Z390 only for the i9900K CPU.

Ideally I want the Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme with 16 phase VRM's but being the new eATX size (wider), it's gonna fuck up my custom wall pc positioning. (Not particularly excited about making another one!). The eATX also rules out the ASUS Extreme.)
Also, who's running Gskill rgb ram? Or Corsair? and why?
RE: Anyone Here Done Over-Clocking a CPU?

[Image: ak_botan_saionji_005.jpg]

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