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Do you wish there's a god?
RE: Do you wish there's a god?
(March 20, 2019 at 11:02 am)Gae Bolga Wrote:  but what you're likely to get here is people cutting right through the nonsense of loaded questions and assumptions and fantasy dreamlands and thinking 

This is funny. Delusional. But funny. Especially the 'loaded questions and assumptions' bit.
We do not inherit the world from our parents. We borrow it from our children.
RE: Do you wish there's a god?
(March 20, 2019 at 10:32 am)Jörmungandr Wrote: You need to be more specific.  Very few religions would not describe their gods as loving, and so it's not at all clear what you are asking.  Is there some possible god that I would wish existed?  Of course!   Would the attributes of said god include that he/she/it was loving?  Maybe.


A loving god might have been of great comfort when my father passed, when my dear friends tragically lost their only child, or any of the un-numbered traumas that are a part of life.

It depends entirely on the nature of said god(s).
RE: Do you wish there's a god?
You'd have to be more specific, Yon.  Or maybe just answer the question posed, yourself?  Do you wish christergod was real?  Is that why you don;t believe in christergod..because you'd prefer that it not be?

I'm guessing hard no to both, and that any elaboration will look alot like anything else that anyone else posts.  Hey..I could be wrong.

Or..maybe...just spitballing..this is another one of those threads where the usual suspects complain about atheists for batshit reasons.


RE: Do you wish there's a god?
Wish in one hand, shit in the other. See which one gets filled first.
RE: Do you wish there's a god?
Right, and often enough, for the better.  All of my own (or anyone else's) conflicting musings about what would or wouldn't be cool aside....what's the realistic appraisal of anyone's hands being full of wyverns?  We'd have to have a whole dept of public service that did nothing but clear the sons of bitches out of our cities.

There would be jams, pileups, fatalities, pest issues, missing kids (and poodles..academic difference, lol), lost income and productivity.....and then you just know there'd be a "save the wyverns" set that we'd all have to negotiate with.

The whole thing snowballs pretty fast.

RE: Do you wish there's a god?
(March 20, 2019 at 6:27 am)Acrobat Wrote: I think it's interesting that atheists here indicate they don't want God to exist, that they prefer there be no God.  I would say such a desire plays a significant role in why they don't believe. Creates a barrier to prevent belief.

There's a pretty wide gulf between not wishing that God exists and wishing that God does not exist.  Just because I don't make the positive wish for the existence of God cannot be taken as indicating that I do make the positive wish for non-existence.

'A man is accepted into a church for what he believes.  He is turned out for what he knows.' - Mark Twain
RE: Do you wish there's a god?
Do you know what I wish? That you’d finish out one thread before you start another.
Nay_Sayer: “Nothing is impossible if you dream big enough, or in this case, nothing is impossible if you use a barrel of KY Jelly and a miniature horse.”

Wiser words were never spoken. 
RE: Do you wish there's a god?
...and that's all that fantasy gets you...lol.  Wink

RE: Do you wish there's a god?
(March 20, 2019 at 9:37 am)possibletarian Wrote: So how do you go about deciding what is real or not meant to be taken as real ?

And how do you think theologians go about deciding the same question ?

How do we go about studying any complicated subject? 

Sincere and open-minded study. Patience. Humility. Lots of discussion and even more reading.

Here is another way in which emotion may determine outcome. In cases of subjects which aren't immediately practical, people usually have to love the subject before they study it. As with music, someone who already loves music is way more likely to study its practice, theory, and history. Nobody studies music for twenty years and then makes up his mind whether he likes it or not. 

This is NOT to say that we should study anything with preconceptions and work to shore them up. It's just to say that beginning with a dislike of something is unlikely to lead to any sincere effort.
RE: Do you wish there's a god?
The idea of a god infested world has not only been "studied" sincerely,open mindedly, and patiently,...but for the large part with the notion that there are gods.

It didn't pan out.  Our world is not infested with the divine.  Get your own shit together and stop imparting negative motives on people who don't believe for reasons or no reason at all. This idea you've been bandying around is false on it's face, and false by reference to the responses you've got in thread.


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