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Baptists in Texas don't support Biden
RE: Baptists in Texas don't support Biden
(January 7, 2021 at 4:22 pm)The Grand Nudger Wrote: Your fuhrer signed an executive order curtailing it's enforcement.

The Johnson Amendment is actually pretty benign.  It only curtails political campaigning by the church (i.e. stopping subverting campaign financing laws by funneling political campaign money to churches).  It does not stop statements from the pulpit or a clear bias toward any political idea or spectrum.  In a country that supposedly has a separation of church and state, I don't see why it is an issue.

In Canada, the Conservatives passed a law to prevent tax-exempt organizations from giving almost any political view on any subject.  Lobbying and all partisan statements at any time were forbidden (and probably always were), but this one ensured that only 10% of all energy or money could be put into purposes that could be considered political.

The purpose was to shut down environmental groups that were opposing the oil patch and pipelines.  Some of those groups willingly gave up their tax status.

But, churches got caught in the crossfire.  My national church body threatened with removal of status as a church because one of its stated values (for 50+ years) has been "social justice".  To Conservatives that now means left-wing SJW, so it was forbidden.
RE: Baptists in Texas don't support Biden
Atheists in Michigan don't support Baptists in Texas....

Or anywhere else....

RE: Baptists in Texas don't support Biden
They do, actually. Our churches grift billions of dollars in taxpayer money every year. Some of it, ostensibly, comes out of the pockets of atheists, even atheists in michigan.

(January 7, 2021 at 4:57 pm)HappySkeptic Wrote:
(January 7, 2021 at 4:22 pm)The Grand Nudger Wrote: Your fuhrer signed an executive order curtailing it's enforcement.

  In a country that supposedly has a separation of church and state, I don't see why it is an issue.

It's an issue because there are people who wish for there to be -no- separation. OFC it's benign, but anything that gets in the way of making sure everyone casts jesus' vote properly is doubleplus ungood to them.
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