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"Thank God" after the fact.
"Thank God" after the fact.
I really do get tired of this horrible logic. 

Someone has an "OH SHIT" moment, like avoiding death in an accident, or avoiding a murder, or even after a murder, the killer is caught. 

"Thank God" I survived the plane crash, but fuck all the people who died. 

"Thank God" I survived the mass shooting, and screw all those who died.

I don't understand the logic behind why one life is more imortant or less important. 

The harsh reality is that while everyone wants to live, ultimately there is no God helping humans are watching over us, or helping us. 

"They're in a better place" I really fucking hate that bad logic. If someone dies. by accident, or crime, or violence, and they move on to a utopia in the afterlife, then why are you bitching? If I had a friend or family member who won the lottery, I wouldn't blame the ticket seller. 

The truth is without the god crap or superstition, is nobody likes to die. There is no reason to concoct religion or superstition to explain why evolution drives life to continue.
RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
You're cute when you have nothing positive to say.

Ignorance is never valid grounds for the rejection of established facts.
RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
There are positive aspects of religion?
RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
Tons. The nasty shit is elective.
It's bad for the rest of the world when americans are paid so little they can only afford chocolate mined by child slaves and clothes made in overseas sweatshops. - Robyn Pennacchia
RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
It's a saying. Some people say it with little thought behind it.

For someone who barely has a mastery of the language you sure do get your panties in a twist over how other people talk.
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RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
(May 14, 2021 at 5:13 am)BrianSoddingBoru4 Wrote: You're cute when you have nothing positive to say.


What exactly is negative about stating facts?

If any god were real, name any, pick one, then why all the fuss?
RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
Is there any jam in that donut of yours ABBA boy?
RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
(May 14, 2021 at 7:06 am)no one Wrote: Is there any jam in that donut of yours ABBA boy?


I have more Agnetha and Frida in my donuts than you know.
RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
I can definitely get on board with that. For Christianity in particular, the concept and goal of achieving heaven makes this life pointless. It's essentially a death cult with a cognitive dissonance regarding their actual attachment to this life.

And I also agree, thanking God for what appears to be preferential treatment based on perceived blessings/rewards for good behavior, automatically condemns those who died/suffered as deserving that fate. Which is a shitty thing to think.
RE: "Thank God" after the fact.
Thank god isn't a phrase that I even notice.

The "praise Jesus" and "God is so good" types are the ones that I know live on the Kool-Aid.
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