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How much influence does he have?
RE: How much influence does he have?
(September 13, 2021 at 9:27 am)Ten Wrote: I was going to make a new thread but it's the same sort of thing as this topic. 

What is God's will? Like, what is that? If something is God's will, what does that mean?

A person in another thread stated that something can be God's will without him demanding a certain outcome. What the hell does that mean, then? What does it mean if something is God's will yet he has no intention or predisposition for any particular outcome?

Is this like the trinity? Where God is both controlling something happening at the same time as he doesn't intend for it to happen the way that it does? The box is both a cube and an orb simultaneously.

To me the expression 'God's will' simply means that the person saying it has no idea why something happened. It's the ultimate dodge instead of an explanation.

Another version of 'God works in mysterious ways'. Theistic Bible babble.
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RE: How much influence does he have?
I can think of 3 possibilities

  1. God's will is done because of predestination.
  2. God's will is done because of intervention.
  3. God's will isn't necessarily done.
I think the Church combines these in some sort of confusing mix.  They believe that the ultimate purpose of there being a new heaven and earth populated only with good people will happen because of 1 and 2, but that for the more day-to-day, 3 is the norm.
RE: How much influence does he have?
Fatalists negotiating for providence in their lives in the face of mere reality's apparent inconvenience.
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