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Sincere and peaceful believers are tough people
Sincere and peaceful believers are tough people
People literally in religion go insane from the vibes they give off. Because word of God not only contains crazy shit like never ending torture chambers, and mass executions of people because of the sin, which puts people self worth and integrity to a slave like levels. But said shit cannot be proven, which adds insult to the injury. Although hats off to the people who dive in to this top tier madness.
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RE: Sincere and peaceful believers are tough people
Most of the believers in my real life community are sincere and peaceful, even with the small amount of feeling entitled and superior.

But there are definitely some who cross the line.
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RE: Sincere and peaceful believers are tough people
I think this is right. A slave. The OP is accurate apart from the hats off part. I'm not taking my hat off to religious folk, I have a strong feeling many of them don't know they are born yet and those that do are playing Pascal's wager
RE: Sincere and peaceful believers are tough people
I'm not sure what the point is in the OP but for arguments sake, let's acknowledge that religion encompasses an enormous range of people, attitudes and intentions. Some of those are nefarious while most are quite peaceful. It's rarely accurate to lump billions of people into one homogenous group and in doing so you incarcerate the innocent for the worst crimes of the guilty. So, I think the OP is rather nonsensical. Get specific and you can probably pin those accusations on some group or individuals with ease.
Why is it so?
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RE: Sincere and peaceful believers are tough people
A lot of Anglican ministers I've had in the past were universalists. They didn't believe anyone went to Hell.

I agree that the fundamentalist mindset is a type of insanity, as I was caught in it myself for a short while when a teen. Anything that penetrates the bubble of belief must be fought, lest the cognitive dissonance break the bubble.

I was at a bible study where a couple said that capital punishment must a good thing, because it was ordered by God in the Old Testament. That is the type of nutty thinking that arises.

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