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Infrastructure plan
Infrastructure plan
If you don't know, Biden is trying to push through the $3,5 billion infrastructure plan.

It's needed because roads, bridges, and waterways are in bad shape and everyone is losing money on it, like the companies that rely on shipping. With the roads like that, trucks can haul less cargo. Plus, they have to circumvent bad roads and bridges which adds time to their trip which also loses money.
Similarly, the rivers need to be modified for transport ships all the time, and with the old infrastructure, they can't be deep enough so that ships can also carry less cargo.

Trump also campaigned on this problem, promising that the government will trillion-billion dollar plan to fix the infrastructure, but when he became president he didn't give a shit anymore and left for states to individually solve this problem, which can't be done individually because it is too expensive.

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RE: Infrastructure plan
[Image: giphy.webp?cid=6c09b9520e586bf19596ba544....webp&ct=g]

Reflection of the back and forth across the aisle....
RE: Infrastructure plan
The need for addressing the nation's infrastructure is clear. I would prefer that states raise the money themselves as that would keep the whole political battle at bay, but some of this stuff is federally owned and operated. Almost no one disagrees that it needs to be addressed, but you wouldn't know that by the way the red's behave. As Biden/Democrats have pointed out, this affects the nation's economic future and ability to compete on a global market.
Why is it so?
~Julius Sumner Miller

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