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Pope Francis apologises for Canada residential school harms
RE: Pope Francis apologises for Canada residential school harms
(April 1, 2022 at 10:08 am)zebo-the-fat Wrote: Pope Francis apologises for Canada residential school harms

Pope Francis has apologised to a Canadian indigenous delegation for the Catholic Church's role in the country's residential school system.
The schools, operated for more than a century, were run as part of government policy to assimilate indigenous children and destroy their cultures.
The Roman Catholic Church in particular was responsible for operating up to 70% of residential schools.
The Pope said this caused him "pain and shame" and asked for God's forgiveness.


Ok... he's asked for gods forgivness... how nice,  now how about paying some compensation to the victims?

I like the ending of that article:
"Indigenous delegations unsuccessfully lobbied both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict for an apology. The latter issued a statement of regret in 2009, but without an acknowledgement of the church's wrongdoing."

He is only apologizing bc this issue made headlines in the Summer of 2020.
It made headlines since one of these properties with the school was sold to some company or something and they starting digging and noticing the bones.
Since they don't know what bones are doing on school property, I assume they called the police and news agencies follow police around.

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